How does a company overcome digital fatigue in a post-pandemic world?

Monday, Nov 1st 2021
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Following the pandemic, the concept of digital fatigue has become an unfortunate reality. Individuals are spending a majority of waking hours viewing devices, whether for professional or personal life. During those hours, each person is bombarded with digital communications, resulting in an overload of messages. With today’s consumers toggling between multiple devices at any given time– it has become increasingly difficult for organizations to not just attract but to also maintain customer attention. 

Many organizations are taking a hard look at the strategies, processes, and technologies they have in place to communicate mission-critical messages to their customers. What was working two years ago, may not work now or in the future (think fax machines, etc.).

How can your organization accommodate changing channel preferences? What channels are best for important communications, such as invoices, notices, contracts and policies? How can you meet your customers where they are in their journey? How can you leverage the channel mix to drive loyalty and increase customer lifetime value? Most importantly, how can you break through the digital clutter? How have communication strategies evolved over the last 18 months?

To address these challenges, Quadient set out to engage industry and subject matter experts from around the world to find out how communication strategies have evolved since the onset of the pandemic, and what approaches have been successful in enabling businesses to reach their customers.

Thanks to this research, we were able to uncover four critical best practices that will help you create more meaningful connections with your customers in a post-pandemic world:

  • Meet customers where they are within the journey
    All organizations must establish and understand the customer journey and ensure every communication touchpoint is relevant and timely.
  • Increase customer communications thoughtfully
    There needs to be action behind every customer communication. Customers are craving education, thought leadership, product knowledge, and ways they can use an organization’s products and solutions more efficiently.
  • Combine communication channels to be most effective
    There is no absolute, guaranteed way to connect with customers. Yes – communication preferences play a role, but many organizations have found success in leveraging multiple touchpoints and channels to engage with their customers.
  • Implement a unified customer communication platform
    Organizations and their employees are working hybrid, from the office or fully remote. The best way to have a consistent look and feel to any communication outreach, that is accessible and able to be coordinated and updated, is to have a unified customer communication platform.

This one-of-a-kind eBook contains insights from top advisors, analysts, and industry experts around the globe, including industry heavyweights such as Adare SEC, Aspire CCS, Heart of the Customer, IDC, Keypoint Intelligence, Madison Advisors, and many more.

In the Ebook, you will examine these four critical best practices are imperative to bringing your company’s customer communication strategy forward. The last 18 months have brought many challenges and key learnings as a result. The better you understand your customers, their preferences, and where they are at in their journey – the more effective your communications will be.

Find out how to break through the digital clutter and maximize customer engagement, download the complimentary Ebook: 4 Ways to Overcome Digital Fatigue in a Post-Pandemic World

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