With Neotouch outsourced mail platform

Send thousands of letters in minutes

Neotouch gives you the power to send mail without leaving your desk. Simply upload your mailing file to our portal and we print, insert in envelopes, frank and post. Ideal for invoice runs or marketing mailings, Neotouch supports remote working as well. You can even send documents electronically via email, fax or text.

Neotouch makes mailing fast and simple

Neotouch removes the labour-intensive tasks from outbound invoice management, Businesses can reduce processing costs and easily handle mailng peaks or external disruptions

Top benefits of outsourcing your invoice processing

  • Free up resource to deploy on other tasks
  • Reduce costs by migrating to email
  • End-to-end audit trails and archiving
  • Scalable solutions to meet your current and future needs
  • Software controls ensure the right document goes to the right person

Why choose Neotouch Doc Delivery?

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Reduce mail processing time

Let our state of the art mail production centre take the strain

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Maximise employee productivity

Save staff time on collation and envelope filling

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Reduce manual processing errors

Advanced software avoid risks of documents being sent to the wrong person

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Reduce costs

Fixed price per piece and no lengthy leases

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All it takes is a few clicks!

With Neotouch, you can easily send your communications via email, fax or text in addition to our traditional mail services.

  • Send a single document or batch job of thousands in no time 
  • Personalise your mail 
  • Send documents by next day delivery or 2-3 day delivery 
  • Track your mail in real-time with our user-friendly online interface 
  • Save on postage costs by grouping all your mail for the same recipient into a single envelope
  • Our advanced mail production facilities will prepare and route your documents using a secure and automated process

Success stories

We have made savings both in terms of cost and in terms of human resources. Those who were assigned to the invoicing process at the beginning of the month are now freed up to focus on higher value-added tasks. Lastly, we can file our invoices securely where they can be accessed instantly online.

— Antoine Dethoor

CFO at D Medica

Industry leading satisfaction

Send 1,000+ letters remotely