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Perfect air every day. Bring some clean air into your daily life. Highly effective filters remove pollutants from your ambient air. For a better quality of life.

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Are you breathing clean air?

Whether at home or at the workplace: We spend up to 90% of the day in enclosed spaces. And that trend is increasing. Whether working, sleeping, shopping, or eating – most activities take place indoors. We rarely give much consideration to the air we breathe in these rooms, although it can be far more heavily contaminated than the outside air.
The powerful IDEAL air purifiers rid your air of everything that pollutes it. Cleaning your air reliably, and silently. You can feel the difference: When you breathe clean air and feel fantastic at the office, at home and in all your favourite places. The IDEAL air purifiers provide air treatment for your rooms.

What makes the IDEAL air purifier so quiet?

There are different factors that can play a decisive role in the decision to purchase an indoor air purifier. In addition to the room size, filtration performance and airflow, the noise level produced by an air purifier is important. The IDEAL AP PRO models stand out here, with their market-leading quiet running mode. The position of the interior air purifier can affect how we perceive the sound level. It therefore matters, whether a device is used during a regular day in an (open-plan) office or at night in a bedroom. The perfect interaction of many individual components helps the IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers rank among the most powerful, but also the quietest air purification devices on the market. The flow-optimised air routing and highly efficient fan achieve a high air flow rate even at the lowest filtration levels. In their night mode, the IDEAL AP PRO models are extra quiet in the background – virtually inaudible.

ideal air purifier
ideal air purifier

IDEAL AP PRO devices - professional air purification guaranteed

Experience clean air every day with the high-performance air purifiers, Made in Germany. IDEAL air purifiers follow nature's example but are significantly more effective. Our highly efficient multi-layer filters permanently remove pollutants from indoor air. The OptiFlow system also captures pollutants located further away and distributes the cleaned air optimally throughout the room. At home, in the office and everywhere else.

Highly effective filtering technology with formidable power


Layer by layer towards clean air

The multi-level 360° smart filter system consists of a fine pre-filter, a long-life HEPA filter and an ultra-high active carbon content, guaranteeing maximum air throughput and optimum filtering. The circular shape ensures optimal use of every filter surface. This also ensures that the 360° smart filter system air flow easily catches more widely spaced particles. For fresh air – throughout the room. 

The multi-layer filter technology has five layers that reliably remove pollutants and impurities from the air, such as fine particulate dust, pollen and other airborne allergens, pathogens like bacteria and mould spores, cigarette smoke, fumes , chemical exhaust and odours. All of this, with a cleaning performance of 99.99%. The five filter layers also filter the "MPPS" (most penetrating particle size). These are the most difficult particles to remove with a size of between 0.1 and 0.3 micrometres and the potential to cause illness.

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