Rapiscan 620XR security scanner

security scanner

Fast x-ray scanner for the mailroom

High speed conveyorised x-ray scanner

The Rapiscan 620XR is a high-performance, CPNI-approved conveyorised X-ray scanner. It is designed for customers requiring a fast X-ray scanner for the mailroom and goods-in or baggage scanning in front of houses, courtrooms, prisons, and airport operations.

The 620XR has a tunnel opening of 620mm wide x 420mm high, enabling mailbags, archive boxes, and luggage to be scanned. The control panel and monitor can be positioned on the machine itself or incorporated into a console table for remote operations. The systems can also be configured for networking.

Why choose this product

icon fast screening

Fast screening

Rapid screening of mail sacks, deliveries, parcels, boxes and hand luggage

icon compact design

Compact design

Compact design and small footprint mean it can be used in the smallest mailrooms

icon image quality

Image quality

Auto enhances x-ray images for optimum clarity

icon regulations


Meets all international electrical safety and radiation standards

Everything you need

Rapid screening

With a conveyor speed of 0.2m per second, mail and baggage screening can be carried out quickly and efficiently. The system can accommodate volume mail, mail sacks, courier deliveries, parcels, boxes and hand luggage.

rapid screening
easy to use and maintain

Easy to use and maintain

The Rapiscan 620XR is designed for ease of use by non-technical staff. It has front opening doors to allow easy engineer access during maintenance.

Image enhancements and options

The Rapiscan 620XR incorporates a High-Performance Dual Energy X-ray capable of penetrating up to 29mm steel and the ability to differentiate organic and inorganic materials in contrasting colours. The system produces High Resolution Images and its unique Crystal-Clear Threat Visualisation Function makes threat objects more easily recognisable.

image enhancement and options
safe and secure

Safe and secure

The Rapiscan 620XR meets all published international Electrical Safety and Radiation Standards and is issued with a certified Radiation Safety and Test report upon installation.

User friendly

Full operator training is available to ensure staff are comfortable working the equipment and recognising X-ray shapes. X-ray image recognition charts are also available. Onboard operator and TIP training programmes are optional features that can be included.

user friendly


Power requirements 115/230V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Length 2580mm with tunnel guards
Width 840mm
Height 1382mm
Net weight 486kg
Tunnel size 620mm (w) x 420mm (h)
Resolution 38 - 40 AWG
Penetration 44mm typical, 42mm standard
Conveyor load 165kg

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