SP-300 Security Scanner

sp-300 security scanner

Postal cabinet x-ray system

Cutting edge screening and detection solutions

Postal screening is the first line of defence against postal hazards and Quadient helps deliver security and peace of mind for you and your business.

The Quadient SP-300/500 range of cabinet X-ray systems guarantees you high definition X-ray images for accurate and confident screening of mail for potential hazards and threats.

Why choose the SP range?

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Image quality

Image enhancement delivers clear images to assist identification.

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Range of options

Space saving compact and larger standing cabinets


User friendly

Fast and simple to set-up and use

safe and secure


Meets the requirements of the British Government PAS97:2012 mail screening specifications

Rapid screening

Mail and courier items are simply placed into the X-ray inspection chamber and a single button action produces an almost instant clear image of the contents.

rapid screening
mail alerts

Compact and easy to use

Quadient X-ray scanners are specifically designed for use by non-technical staff. Their compact design and small footprint mean they can be used in even the smallest mailrooms.

High definition imaging

To ensure operators can identify powders and IED (Improvised Explosive Device) component parts, the SP-300 auto enhances X-ray images for optimum clarity. Additional standard enhancement features include multi-zoom, colour options for highlighting medium and high-density materials and inverse, negative feature for highlighting fine wires.

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safe and secure

Safe and secure

Quadient X-ray scanners use very low-level X-rays and conform to International Electrical Safety and Radiation Standards. For your peace of mind and re-assurance, Radiation Safety and Test reports are provided with every system.


Imaging area 390mm x 300mm
Chamber footprint 300mm x 400mm
Chamber height 340mm
Door opening 340mm x 220mm
Cabinet dimensions

Depth:  500mm

Width:  310mm

Height 890mm

Chamber weight 114kg
Power requirements 10/230V, 50/60Hz, Single phase
Control specifications Key switch, power on light, x-ray on light, system ready light, x-ray trigger switch

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