IDEAL 3104 Auto Oiler

IDEAL 3104 Auto Oiler

Innovative Auto-oiler Cross Cut Shredder

The IDEAL 3104 Auto Oiler office shredder has 310 mm working width for DIN A3 and ECC capacity control.

Cross-Cutting for extra security and the shredder receives an automatic oil injection while in operation that stops it from grinding to a halt. The Ideal 3104 oiler 8280 is an innovative self-oiling shredder that helps avoid paper jams, and the nuisance of your shredder grinding to a halt and breaking. 

Why choose the IDEAL 2604 from Quadient?


Knife Shafts

These are the most stressed part of the shredder. The hardened special steel blade shafts will ensure your shredder keeps performing.


Easy Switch

Easy to use switch. Intelligent control, multi functioning switching element. Guides the operator with coloured and illuminated symbols.



The environmentally friendly paper container can be removed easily and cleanly. It can be used with or without disposable bags.


Automatic Functions

Proven and reliable: Control electronics for the various automatic functions including the energy-saving ZERO ENERGY mode and standby mode.

Automatic Oiler

The knife shafts receive an automatic oil injection as they work for a consistently high cutting performance.

The Blue Angel

For its high energy efficiency, this shredder was awarded the "Blue Angel". For example, Zero Energy Consumption on these models requires a complete automatic shutdown of the machines, resulting in zero energy consumption after 15 minutes.

ECC – Electronic Capacity Control

Jam-free, continuous shredding: ECC (Electronic Capacity Control) - the used sheet capacity is indicated by LEDs.

Product specifications


930 mm


52 kg


538 mm


470 mm


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