Adjusting to Customer Preferences and Hybrid Communications

Wednesday, Jul 27th 2022

2020 demands that business are able to reach out to customers across different channels, and many are struggling to find a way to implement an efficient hybrid mail solution. Often times, customers in the healthcare and finance sectors are the furthest along, as they have been attempting to automate correspondences for many years in order to maintain compliance and add self-service options for customers. These businesses tend to understand where their members and clients want to go and implement technology quickly to ensure regulatory compliance with changing regulations.
Yet, not all businesses aware of the solutions available to help them in this current market. While customer preferences are dynamic with change, it has been challenging for businesses to keep up and identify the potential ways new methods can help them to improve the flow and effectiveness of critical business communications.

The challenge that customers face is that there is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to managing mail and multi-channel document automation. Most organizations are working with specific workflows (whether up to date or based on outdated manual processes) or a myriad of disparate systems - from ERP to CRM and more.

Additionally, managing mail is complex and can be expensive for all size mailers. In certain circumstances, businesses sometimes rely on expedited delivery services for critical documents in addition to digital channels. 

Understanding how to manage and optimize your physical mail and expedited delivery spend, whether through the USPS®, FedEx®, UPS® or other carriers, is paramount to ensuring you have a sustainable and predictable cost of servicing clients and expected delivery times.

An excellent solution for most businesses is to shift to hybrid communications. Moving communications to digital channels where possible will greatly improve effectiveness. Deploying a solution that seamlessly selects the preferred delivery channel whether it be physical, digital, hybrid, insourced or outsourced resulting in optimized mail workflows, reduced cost and greater accountability, visibility and reporting. 

Quadient excels in providing solutions that match the needs of our customers from enterprise-grade customer communications management in the form of Quadient Inspire, to outbound document automation designed for small and medium businesses, and accounts receivable automation designed to help AR teams streamline the receivables process and get paid faster.

These solutions are a mix of hardware and software subscriptions that help customers get the right document inside the right envelope. It goes beyond saving on postal spend and avoiding returned mail (though the cost savings here are often substantial). It is about ensuring your communications are compliant, follow regulations, and are designed to drive exceptional customer experiences while executing your company goals.

There is little doubt that the future of mail includes multi-channel delivery. It is important for companies to consider blending hardware and software platforms that will continue to evolve and solve the most current communication challenges while providing flexibility to solve what might be coming next.

Quadient team members are experts in our field, with deep knowledge of mail processing, shipping carriers, digital communications, outsourcing and hybrid communications. If you are looking for a better way to manage and automate your documents, know that a solution that fits your needs exists and we are here to help.