Covid-19 FAQs: How can we help?

Wednesday, Jun 10th 2020
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How does machine delivery work if no one is in the office?
We are asking all customers to provide a future shipping/installation date if the customer is unable to accept delivery based on normal fulfilment timeframes and policies.

How complex is it to get onboarded and how long will it take?
This depends on the solution, connect with your Sales Representative for full details.
Do you need access to our local IT infrastructure?
This depends on the solution, connect with your Sales Representative for full details.

Does an employee need to be in the physical office to set up?
Yes, we require an employee to be present to provide us access to the installation site and to receive training based on the solution.



Is remote training available?
This depends on the solution, connect with your Sales Representative for full details.

Are online training resources available? If so, where can I find them?
Yes, we have an online product knowledge center that provides product training. We also have Tier 1 phone support for specific products to support on-boarding and training.


How can I send business critical documents from my business without having physical access my office?
We provide two ways: relocate your mailing equipment to a remote location or outsource your mailing to a services provider like Quadient (aka NeoTouch).

Is there a way to process mail fulfillment remotely?
Yes, but only through NeoTouch.

Can I process mail online using our postage account?
This functionality is not available at this time.

Can Quadient ensure mailings are printed by the Print Service Partner?
If NeoTouch we can provide reports to illustrate the printing and mail dates.

Can Quadient ensure mailings are shipped by the carrier?
If a Quadient Shipping Solution, like NeoShip or SMART is used, we can provide tracking information including automatic communications at various stages of the shipping and delivery processes.

Are delivery times delayed?
According to the United States Postal Service (USPS), there are no reported delivery delays for mail sent through the USPS.


What products/solutions are you able to deploy and support without physical access to site?
Products/solutions with this benefit are not available at this time.

Can I move my machine to my home location to process mail?
Yes, you must contact Quadient to arrange the relocation of the machine. We need to update the USPS with the origination address.

What do I do if my machine requires a service intervention?
Our service technicians are available for onsite and phone support. To connect with the service department, visit


Can I order a machine now and delay shipment?
Yes, simply provide us the future delivery and installation date at the time of the order.

Is live support available? 
Yes, it is through the Customer Interaction Center: please visit us at or speak with a representative by calling 1-800-636-7678.

Can I still order supplies?
Yes, we are fully operational to process and fulfill orders on a normal schedule.

Are there delays in supply deliveries?
No, we are fully operational to process and fulfill orders on a normal schedule.

Are Field Service Engineers still making onsite visits?
If onsite service is desired, we will deploy a technician and ensure they are wearing masks.

Are Field Service Engineers tested for COVID-19, as they travel between businesses and cities?
No, however we are asking all onsite service technicians to wear masks and to stay home if they feel any symptoms of illness.


Who should I contact if I have questions about payments and invoices?
Connect with the Customer Interaction Center by calling phone number (1-800-636-7678) or visiting the website ( The centers are fully staffed and able to accommodate may inquiries about payments and invoices.

How does Quadient plan on supporting my company as the pandemic continues?
We are providing payment assistance to customer who are impacted by the financial challenges from this pandemic. We are also able to provide solutions to customers who need to maintain business continuity for key mailing and shipping operations.

Covid-19 FAQs: How can we help?