How Do Print and Mail Service Providers Thrive?

Monday, Jan 13th 2020
employee standing in front of printing machinery

Businesses are increasingly realizing that gaining control of their communications is vital. If a business is going to thrive, it needs to recognize the correlation between customer communications and the customer experience. Print Service Providers (PSPs) or outsource printers, empower their clients by providing a multitude of communication options based on their client’s customer preferences.

PSPs enable companies to push print communications out to market faster, empower their employees to focus on core business initiatives and help build stronger customer connections. In addition, their customers enjoy benefits that include enhanced security processes, access to mailing discounts, and reduced costs.

Many PSPs also deliver digital communications. This empowers their clients with the opportunity to leverage a proper mix of print and digital communications for outreach communications throughout their strategies, maximizing the unique attributes to provide a consistent look and feel to customers.

Yet, all of these benefits also bring a multitude of challenges for the PSPs – including juggling more jobs with shorter print-runs, more job changes, greater setup time, increased levels of customization, and higher degrees of complexity. There are also ever-evolving nuances of communication methods, whether due to legislation or shifting customer preferences. For all of these reasons (and more) PSPs must be aware of these challenges, and how to overcome them.

PSPs need to have an infrastructure that allows them to respond to fluctuations in consumer preferences and overall market needs. Application compatibility and flexibility must be maintained across all production devices and all stages of the print process. It is also important to accommodate peaks and valleys in the production cycle and account for changing customer preferences. PSPs must also offer a scalable set of services equipped to accommodate consumers’ shifting preferences.

It is imperative for PSPs to become valued partners with their customers, by being knowledgeable of what is going on in the industry, as well as being prepared for current and future challenges.

Watch the on demand webinar: The Future of Outsourced Print Roundtable, with industry experts Andrew Young (Keypoint Intelligence), Tom Prestwich (Adare SEC) and Bob Heid (Mailtropolis) for a webinar that looks at these challenges and the changing landscape of PSP communications. 

Discussion topics:

  • What does a modern PSP look like?
  • Can a PSP truly be both a transactional and a direct marketing provider?
  • How have regulations and other government requirements impacted communications?
  • How does Europe’s digital communication requirements and the influence on North America’s outreach
  • Where is the new value being created by PSPs?
  • Is automation making a difference? And if so, where inside the operation?
  • Where are PSPs finding and retaining talent for your IT/Solution teams?
  • How are PSPs collaborating with your customers?

Guest Speakers Included:


Tom Prestwich
Chief Operating Officer at Adare SEC
Tom is bringing a wealth of industry and operational experience to the discussion. His plans are to future-proof Adare SEC, investing in hardware and technology, while further streamlining processes to achieve operational excellence. In his spare time, Tom likes to spend time with his family and is an avid cyclist.

Daniel Donoghue
Digital CRM Lead and Customer Experience expert at Adare SEC
Daniel Donoghue is a Digital CRM Lead and Customer Experience expert working at Adare SEC (UK) since November 2020. His expertise in leading brands to deliver multi-channel customer communications solutions across a wide range of sectors allowed him to assert its excellence in Digital Transformation for 9 years. One of his loyal customers said, “He is the most successful consultant in the business, consistently achieving and exceeding his targets.” Dan is an insightful professional who is passionate about Digital Customer Experience.


Bob Heid
Founder and managing partner at Mailtropolis
Bob Heid is the founder and managing partner at Mailtropolis, a local print and direct mail company located in Orlando, Florida. Bob has a passion for growing companies. His 20+ years’ experience in Sales and Marketing—specifically helping to find, evaluate and develop growing tech-based companies throughout the United States—allows him to provide his clients a holistic approach to business development.

Andrew Young
Principal Analyst & Director Customer Communication Services at Keypoint Intelligence
With a career spanning 25+ years in print and communications, Andy supplies insight and outlook for the industry as the Principal Analyst and Director of Customer Communications Solutions at Keypoint Intelligence. Prior to joining Keypoint Intelligence, Andy managed Global Business Development for Ricoh Graphic Communications software business. An entrepreneur at heart, Andy started an electronic publishing services company specializing in early applications of Adobe Acrobat and PDF technology. This business was later acquired by IKON Office Solutions, which is now Ricoh USA.

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