How Much Could Franking Save Your Business?

Wednesday, Jun 29th 2022
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When it comes to preparing the outgoing post, franked mail saves your business money compared to using stamps and Mailmark® customers make further savings compared to standard franking.

In fact, there is a 20p saving between a franked Mailmark 2nd Class letter compared to using a stamp, but just how much does that add up to over a year? To help you get a feel for just how much your business could save, we quantify the saving with the help of some high street buys[i]

Preparing the mail needn’t be thirsty work…

The staff kitchen may be forever running out of milk but it’s good to know that with the postage cost savings in a year from using Mailmark franking compared to stamps, you could buy 808 pints of milki,[ii]! That’s based on sending only a modest seven letters per day.

While that takes care of the teas and coffees in the office, it may also be of passing interest to note that the saving from the same postage volume is equivalent to the cost of 99 pints of Lageri,[iii]!

Use your loaf and save bread…

If you were sending just two letters per day, the savings you’d make over a year by using Mailmark would pay for 95 loaves of breadi,[iv], which makes for a fair stack of lunchtime sandwiches – in fact close to 1,000 so that’s lunch covered!

The Big Mac Index

However, if burgers are more your thing… The Big Mac index was invented by The Economist in 1986 as a light-hearted guide to the purchasing power of currencies. Staying with our comparisons, it’s satisfying to know that if you were to send just five letters per day, the annual saving you’d make with Mailmark would be enough to buy 81 Big Macsi,[v]. So rather than Supersize Me, it’s time to supersize your savings!

What is Mailmark?

Mailmark is the most up-to-date franking impression that, through a 2D barcode, carries more information about the item being sent. It saves your business money because it offers the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking products and services. With a Mailmark franking machine you can download credit as you need it to keep control of, and track your postage spend across your business. 

How much does a franking machine cost?

Franking machines can be leased from Quadient for only £16.99 per month. In addition to savings on postage, franking machines save time in mail preparation, and postage can be purchased 24/7 from your desk. What’s more, franked mail looks more professional to give the right impression of your business every time.

To discover how Quadient can help you get the most value from your franked mail, take a look at our intelligent Mailmark franking machines.


[i] All comparisons are based on a 20p postage cost saving for a standard 2nd Class letter stamp vs Mailmark franking. The savings quoted are based on the difference in postage price and exclude the cost of a franking machine – which will vary depending on the model required for the postage volumes you send

[ii] Based on Office for National Statistics data: £0.45 average price for a pint of pasteurised milk, Feb 2019

[iii] Based on Office for National Statistics data: £3.66 average price for a pint of draught lager, Feb 2019

[iv] Based on Office for National Statistics data: £1.09 average price for an 800g loaf of white sliced bread, Feb 2019

[v] Based on data: £3.19 for a Big Mac, 26 March 2019