Hybrid Communications: Opportunities and Challenges

Wednesday, Jul 27th 2022
omnichannel communications

The key benefit at the core of hybrid communications is the fact that businesses are able to deliver communications to their customers based on the customer preferences, with ease. With a hybrid platform, businesses are able to connect with anyone, anywhere at any time. They are able to communicate quickly with the end user that is acting on the communication.

Businesses that are prepared to shift and capable are definitely doing so to accommodate the ever-changing preferences. Those who are may run into two main challenges.

First, they may have a limited amount of customer email addresses (they have some but not all). Secondly, when they try to develop a system internally, the host system requires multiple levels of development or sacrifices the user experience. 

That is usually when businesses reach out for a partner to help them. That is where Quadient comes in. Quadient has the technology to help businesses, of any vertical, easily move towards a hybrid model, without instituting a complete platform transformation, and teaming up with the business to get to know their strengths and areas of improvement. Whether your business sends more print, or more digital, or both, we have the tools to help you reach every customer.

For instance:

  • A healthcare company shut down to protect employees after a colleague became ill. We were able to help get their communication to customers by outsourcing their communication outreach, and allowing business to continue to run smoothly. 
  • A school system needed a way to reach students that did not have internet access to be able to learn remotely. We were able to help by producing and sending students printed plans and assignments.
  • Multiple businesses use physical invoicing to connect with their customers. We were able to help by managing the communication creation and send to their customers. 

We are here to partner with you, pandemic or not, today and in the future. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Quadient mail related solutions will benefit your company, contact us today.