Industry Transformation and a Glimpse into the Future

Monday, Sep 28th 2020
3D concept person holding digital ball

The transformation we have been witness to has only been accelerated by the needs of customers. We needed to reinvent and continue reinventing, as mail declines, companies continue to expand on needs and preferences. For example, the USPS® has reinvented themselves. As they saw the transactional mail volume decline they increased the investment in parcel equipment to increase the number of tracking events/scans, ultimately driving a rise in parcel volume.

When looking at ways to transform your business, make sure you have a tool or platform that is flexible. You need to be able to answer to customer preferences and accommodate your communication outreach to each customer – whether it be physical or digital, text messaging, etc. You need to have the access to all of those modes and channels to compete against competitors (who may have more resources). 

If you can gain all of these benefits in one platform, where you do not have to manage and maintain all the systems, you are in a great spot. Be prepared for the unknown. If you have flexibility you can react faster and better than competitors. 
Especially now. During this pandemic, communications is vital – both internal and external. How you communicate with your customers matters, whether they want physical, digital, or however else they prefer. Physical mail always has to be a choice - it is not going away. You have to be ready to adapt to each and every preference to ensure the customer remains your customer. Since every customer won’t want the same thing, your business needs to be able to serve a diverse customer base. 

How do you transform and deliver? Have the technology and the better tools to serve your business and customers. At Quadient, we support the trends and help our partners on their path and speed, as they transform with digital transformation. We listen to what customers are asking for and what their customers are asking for. By aligning and understanding businesses’ needs and their customer wants, Quadient is able to leverage tools or expand the tools to support everyone’s goals. 

Quadient develops and evolves solutions and products to exceed your business (and your customers) needs and expectations, by supplying you with the better tools to help you transform, for today, tomorrow and in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about how Quadient mail related solutions will benefit your company, contact us today.