June was Pride Month but, at Quadient, LGBT+ Inclusion Continues Year-Round

Wednesday, Jul 27th 2022

In June, like many, Quadient also celebrated Pride Month. We started with the obvious, by changing our logo across all our platforms to a rainbow logo, to show our support to all members of the LGBT+ communities. Even though we were not able to participate in a Pride Celebration in person this year, we did manage to increase awareness within our company and with the outside world.

Inclusion and Diversity are ingrained in Quadient’s EPIC values: Empowerment, Passion, Inspiration and Community. We are constantly improving our ways of working and are committed to making our values more inclusive. This is a critical component in the second phase of Quadient’s Back to Growth strategy.   

Starting in 2020, employee affinity groups, internally called “Empowered Communities”, were started to facilitate opportunities for growth through education and knowledge sharing, create a sense of belonging through safe spaces, and to encourage and celebrate uniqueness through various events and partnerships. 

Today, at Quadient, over 400 employees have already joined an Empowered Community. I have the honor to be the executive sponsor of the Love is Love Empowered Community, focused on LGBT+. My role is to support employee-driven initiatives, and I am impressed by the energy and the actions suggested by the members of this community! Since December, we have already achieved a lot: 

  • Several internal creative awareness campaigns, including Lesbian Visibility Day, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia and Pride Month 
  • Insightful and inspiring events, with external guest speakers, in addition to regular meetings where we get to know each other, brainstorm and execute more actions 
  • Launch of a lean-in group  

We also: 

  • gathered during a company-wide town hall with incredible and inspiring guest speakers – leaders of the LGBT+ community from different countries 
  • raised awareness within the company by sharing articles on the positive impacts of LGBT+ inclusion in businesses and economies 
  • created virtual pride floats, had a company-wide vote to select a winner, and waited for the results all month 



Pride Month is over on the calendar and the rainbow flag isn’t on our social media avatar, but this doesn’t mean our company will stop working on LGBT+ inclusion. I guarantee this!  

The Quadient employee affinity group ensures the LGBT+ can speak for themselves, and it empowers employees to participate in the evolution of our approach for more inclusion. A lot of creative and impactful ideas emerge when gathering, and we already have many plans for the rest of the year. Now that the movement is launched, it cannot and will not stop.  

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity did not end on June 30.