Taking the stress out of mail processes

Wednesday, Jul 27th 2022
mail processing

Technology helps businesses be more efficient in their processes, complete tasks more quickly and take out costs at the same time. There is another benefit to reducing the number of repetitive tasks that are managed manually, though. That benefit is job satisfaction for employees, something that goes a long way to helping businesses meet their goals. Putting together and sending out mail is a regular activity for many employees; one that mail-related solutions can help make more rewarding.

Happy and engaged employees are essential to business success. Yet, it is challenging for employees to feel that way if they are weighed down by laborious, repetitive and mundane manual tasks.

Not only can the jobs in question negatively impact mental wellbeing and sap morale, they can also make employees feel stressed if their other, more complex tasks stack up while they’re engaged in manual work.

A multi-stage manual process

Take mail processes. It can be time-intensive and monotonous putting together mailings to be sent to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. First, the letters and inserts must be printed and arranged. Then, the mailings are pieced together, envelopes are addressed and the correct contents are placed into each envelope. Postage is calculated and applied and lastly, the mailings are submitted into the postal system.  

It’s a lengthy process and one that doesn’t take full advantage of the skills of employees. Well thought-out, timely communications are incredibly important for all businesses, but putting them together in this way isn’t necessarily the best use of employees’ time.

If employees find the task onerous, morale can suffer. What’s more, as a manual process, it’s prone to human error and that can be a problem if someone receives information intended for someone else.

Another way with mail-related solutions

Mail-related solutions take the stress out of outgoing mail management by streamlining processes and automating tasks.

Many businesses start with a franking machine which saves time calculating the right postage and relieves staff of the need to tediously apply stamps, among other benefits.

Beyond that, help is at hand for envelope-stuffing. Staff needn’t physically fold and insert mailings into envelopes, the activity can be completed by a letter folder and inserter. The time-saving machine folds letters and other documents, puts them into envelopes and closes those envelopes ready for postage. It can also help improve mail accuracy and security by working together with outgoing mail management software and intelligent barcodes to ensure the correct documents go into each envelope.

Outgoing mail processes can be lengthy and laborious when working manually. This can add to employee stress as they have to put aside other responsibilities to complete the time-consuming activity. Equipment that automates aspects of the process frees-up employees to focus on more rewarding work, and delivers a host of other business benefits too. To find out more, take a look at mail-related solutions.