EMS - Enhanced Mailing and Shipping

Correct addresses, track packages, manage costs and explore delivery options. With EMS, you have it all.

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Why choose EMS?

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Cost savings

Rate shop multiple carriers and services

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Address Verification

Ensure an accurate delivery address and avoid fees

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Powerful Analytics

Get detailed reporting of shipments and spending

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Advanced shipment tracking

Track every package from shipment to delivery

Maximize the delivery process

EMS has the most extensive set of analytical tools and reports in the market to help you save money, eliminate waste, and maximize the delivery process.

  • Shape Up Advisor analyzes mail center operations and identifies where money can be saved. Plus, it pinpoints departments that are the biggest spenders.
  • Advisor™ reports help analyze your company's shipping operations and offers advice on ways to reduce costs. 
  • PAR™ reports a package's route and delivery status. This powerful program is set-up with trigger emails that automatically send a delivery status to recipients.
  • What if Report provides an analysis of actual usage by carrier, including surcharges and fees. It also guides users to cost-saving alternatives. 
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Multiple shipper number support

EMS provides support for complete company identities, allowing the shipper to process for multiple divisions, clients, or customers. This powerful feature creates a separate return address and discrete billing based on carrier account numbers, which saves accounting time and increases accuracy. It is indispensable for third-party logistics providers (3PL). 

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