NeoShip Advanced

The simple, powerful choice for online shipping

Neoship Advanced

When it comes to meeting your most demanding shipping needs, Neoship ADVANCED has you covered. An option for IS, IM, IN and iX-Series mailing systems, it's time to elevate your mailroom experience to new heights.

Neoship ADVANCED provides an intuitive single-screen interface that streamlines the process of shipping domestic and international parcels. This multi-carrier solution allows you to select from USPS®, FedEx® or UPS®, expanding the number of options you have when it comes to processing and tracking shipments.

With Neoship ADVANCED you will:

  • Save time and money with rate shopping
  • Benefit from cost savings with commercial base pricing
  • Apply free insurance on priority mail and priority mail express items
  • Ensure 'ship to' addresses are up-to-date with free address correction
  • Minimize delivery time with the fastest delivery feature
  • Obtain an online consolidated view of all shipments
  • Create reports for additional analysis
  • Eliminate manual entry of addresses
  • Streamline shipping workflows with batch processing
  • Eliminate erros with address groups
  • Obtain and store USPS proof of delivery letters
  • Simplify your shipping process
  • Manage user roles and privilages 

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