PFI Saves Time and Money through Simple Automation with Quadient

Multi-user, web-based software streamlines the preparation and management of Certified Mail™ with Return Receipt

cover image for case study, PFI

Proctor Financial Inc. (PFI) turned to Quadient's easy-to-use, ConnectSuite e-Certify web-based solution to not only save money and physical storage space, but also to free up the mailroom team to focus on their core duties, and provide reliable, easily accessible online tracking information.

Wtih ConnectSuite e-Certify businesses like Proctor Financial can:

  • Maximize discounts 
  • Import and verify contacts in address lists 
  • Track certified mail delivery date and time via a user-friendly online interface.
  • Store images of recipient signatures in one easily accessible secure location

Download the case study to learn more