Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution

2Ship leverages the power of web hosting to bring you an all-in-one shipping solution that compares carrier services and prices so you can make the right decision on every delivery and never overpay for shipping again.

See all your carriers and prices on one screen

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shipping costs. Find the right service for the right price.



the time it takes to find the right service and ship your packages.

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shipping costs for every parcel you send.

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the status of all your shipments on one screen with one click.

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Compare all shipping options in real time

2Ship automatically searches your carriers to find all available services and prices for every item you ship.

  • Your options are displayed by lowest cost or fastest delivery time. 
  • Rates are updated automatically.
  • Carrier list price available with delivery dates and times to allow you to compare services and prices across carriers.

One screen to compare, select and ship

Enter all your shipment information on one screen

  • No need to navigate through additional pages or wait for pages to load or refresh. 
  • Print your labels, ship from home and have a carrier pick up your parcel
  • Choose between standard and advanced shipping modes. Standard mode offers a simplified shipping screen with fewer options, while the advanced mode offers every shipping option you could ever need. 
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shipping tracking software

Check the status of every item you ship instantly

2Ship instantly updates the status of each shipment and once delivered, calculates the delivery performance.

  • Entering or clicking on a tracking number will display the tracking history and current status of the shipment.
  • Using the Track All feature, you can instantly track all your non-delivered shipments with a single click.
  • The date and time of every delivery appears on screen, including the name and signature on file if it is available from the carrier.

View real time shipping history, anytime

With ONE shipping history, across all your carrier shipments, finding a shipment or a large number of shipments is fast and easy.

  • Extensive filter options to find what you are looking for with the information you have.
  • Dive deep into each shipments' details, track all non-delivered items, check delivery performance, sort and subtotal, export to excel and more.
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