2022 FedEx Rate Change Overview

Tuesday, Sep 20th 2022
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Keep your envelopes, flats and packages moving, and ship with confidence this year! FedEx® is the fourth major carrier in Canada to announce peak surcharges that will impact key services this holiday season, including FedEx Express and FedEx Ground.

These surcharges will go into effect on Oct. 3, 2022 and run until Jan. 15, 2023.

Get the details below:

FedEx Express Intra-Canada

  • Oversize Charge Intra-Canada Package Services**: $145 per shipment

  • Additional Handling Surcharge**: 
    $27 (Dimension) 
    $30 (Weight) 
    $25 (Packaging) per shipment

  • Residential Delivery Charge (for customers who ship more than 7,000 weekly average packages): between $1.50 and $2.50 per shipment for FedEx Express. More details on the FedEx website.

** The Additional Peak Charge portion of the Oversize Charge is $50 per shipment and the Additional Peak Charge portion of the Additional Handling Surcharge is $6 per shipment.

FedEx Ground Intra-Canada and International

  • Oversize Charge: $50 per package
  • Additional Handling Surcharge: $6 per package
  • Unauthorized Package Fee: $450 per package
  • Residential Delivery Charge (for customers who ship more than 7,000 weekly average packages): More details on the FedEx website.

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