Five Benefits of Mail Automation

Saturday, Oct 29th 2022
digital mail

An effective way to optimize business mail management is through automation. By implementing an integrated solution businesses can centralize multi-channel communications and then deliver these documents via a dedicated customer portal. Aside from time and cost savings, companies can realize a host of benefits from streamlined communication management, better security and tracking to increased customer engagement.

1. Control physical and digital document delivery in a single workflow

Handling physical and digital communications separately can lead to many issues, for example sending customers conflicting information or duplicate messages. Managing communications centrally gives businesses a platform for consistent and strategically planned interactions with customers, employees, and suppliers.

2. Personalize customer communication and delivery preferences 

Document automation software offers businesses an opportunity to enrich and personalize documents along with the ability to select the means of delivery based on customer preference. This enables the business to deliver highly targeted and tailored corporate communications and marketing campaigns that are more impactful and help improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

3. Save time by centralizing communications

By taking a centralized, automated approach, businesses can do away with ad hoc and piecemeal processes that involve gathering documents from multiple sources that could potentially be out of date or in different formats. Businesses can ensure that if all outbound documents are curated at a single location, communications will be consistent, accurate and rapidly executed.

4. Fully personalize customer communications

Ensuring that customer information is not compromised is one of the most important priorities for businesses today. Disparate systems mean data breaches and cyber-attacks could put confidential documents at risk.  Managing communications via a central location means that efforts can be concentrated on securing a single environment. Customers can then retrieve their documents from a dedicated portal, providing full visibility as to when they’ve were received, viewed or shared internallyed.

5. Removing over-reliance on physical mail delivery

While there are certain documents that require physical mailing, using digital channels where possible, can support faster interactions and responses while reducing both paper inventory and mail costs. Mail automation can open up an alternative communications channel to reach customers quickly and efficiently.