How to Choose Postage Meters for High-Volume Mail Management

Saturday, Oct 29th 2022
Employees using large mailing machines

Many large enterprises often choose a backroom management services company to handle their high volume of mail. As a result these suppliers often have to process over 40,000 physical mail pieces every day. This means they need a solid, reliable process with postage meter machines in place in order to do this. However choosing the right machines for such a task is not an easy one and involves taking certain criteria into consideration.

After Sales Support for Postage Meter Machines

After sales support is crucial for any company that has to mange high-volume mailings and a high level of service from your postage meter provider will help your procurement department make the right choice. Any highly capable mail meter machine should guarantee fast turnaround time together with a high level of service management. If you have a high volume of mail to meter and your machines break down, you’ll need immediate technical support. This support needs to be both prompt and efficient. Another important criterion is reliability, not only during the first year but also over the following years. Before investing in a metering solution you need to be able to answer the following question “How many breakdowns will I have per year?”

Your Enterprise’s Mail Metering Needs

Making sure your postage meter provider understands your mail metering needs is business-critical. For example if you have a mailroom that generates 50,000 mail pieces a day and the mail comes in after lunch and needs to be processed before 5pm, what kind of machines do you need? What kind of turnaround are you looking for? All of this has to be taken into consideration.

The Consumable Costs of Postage Machines

Consumable costs like labels, ink cartridges, component replacement as well as maintenance costs also need to be examined. You need to know in advance whether certain things about the machines will incur extra costs for your enterprise. For example an ink filter that may need to be changed often.

Mail Management for Sustainable Development

Selecting postage meters can also be an environmentally-responsible choice for your company. A mailing solutions manufacturer with an environmental policy that focuses on the effect of its activities on the planet and the carbon footprint of its products and services is an ideal choice. And opting for machines that have been developed using an eco-design or recycling approach, featuring a user-friendly sleep mode, will be good for both your business and the environment.