Knowledge is Power: What Your Postage Meter Knows

Wednesday, Jul 27th 2022
Knowledge is Power: What Your Postage Meter Knows


Postage meters save businesses time and money, helping them get mail out quickly and professionally. Businesses of all sizes and types know they can depend on them for efficient outgoing mail processing but do they know there’s more their postage meter can do? With the right reporting package, the postage meter can provide valuable insights to help businesses recoup and even cut postage costs further.

The postage meter can seem like the end of the line when it comes to business communications. After all, the information has been collated, the documents have been created, the right postage has been applied; once the mail has gone out of the door, it’s the end of the story, right? Well, it could be, but as with all good business processes, there’s a feedback cycle waiting to happen that can help improve operations and maximize savings.  

The activities of the postage meter hold a wealth of business information that, exposed can provide valuable insights. With the right reporting package, businesses can:

  • Charge postage expenses back to specific accounts or departments
  • Identify potential cost savings by analyzing postage spend
  • Monitor what has been spent, by whom and how much postage is costing the business
  • Optimize potential savings through insight into mail classes and postage trends
  • Eliminate errors that can come from reconciling postage costs manually.

If a lot of mail is being sent first class that needn’t be, the right reporting package can reveal that by downgrading those mailings the business could save money. Insights like that can be used to communicate best practice within the organization. The information can be presented in easy-to-view formats such as graphs, or in spreadsheets that can feed other business reporting processes.

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