Working with your Quadient folder inserter, AIMS by Quadient provides real-time information to manage your mail creation process and verifies that every piece of mail has been assembled correctly.

Why choose AIMS?

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the status of each mail piece as it moves through the mail assembly process, from feeding to finished mail piece

icon verify


every document was inserted into the correct envelope, in real time.

icon automated workflow


reprinting of missing, duplicate or unmatched documents

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performance data in a variety of report formats

Always accurate

AIMS verifies, in real time, that each of your mail pieces have been assembled correctly. When missing, duplicate, or unmatched documents are identified, AIMS updates your document file in real time and creates replacement files for reprinting and assembly.


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AIMS can be set to alert you to any significant event via the Internet. The alert can be sent to a smart phone, tablet or any other communications device of your choice, ensuring maximum up time.

You can also respond instantly to customer inquiries because piece-level data can also be shared through integrated customer-facing systems or service systems.


Easy to use

AIMS is browser-based and its dashboards are scalable, making the number of real-time views unlimited. Dashboards views can be configured to show the performance of individual inserters and jobs, or combined into a 360 degree view of your entire mail assembly operations. AIMS is the perfect choice to monitor the performance of your mailroom while multiple mail assembly jobs run in the background. 


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