DS-40i folder inserter


Simple mail assembly solutions for small business

What if you could assemble 1,000 pieces of mail in under an hour? With Quadient's DS-40i you can. The DS-40i brings accuracy, efficiency and reliability together in an easy-to-use solution that makes your mail assembly simple, accurate and fast.

Folding documents and inserting them into envelopes can now be done in minutes, instead of hours, freeing up significant time to do all the other things that need to be accomplished in your office.

When you automate mail creation with the DS-40i folder inserter, you lower costs, eliminate user error, and ensure that the right document is always sent to the right customer.

Why choose the DS-40i?

icon for reduce costs


operating costs by automating mail creation

fast clock


customer response rates and improve cash flow



mail creation to protect customer information and ensure 100% accuracy



your documents are sent to the right recipient, every time

Fast, accurate mail assembly


Thirteen times faster than using a manual process, the DS-40i's automatic cascade feeding function offers continuous operation by linking feeders. If one feeder runs empty, the other feeder automatically takes over, allowing you to refill on-the-fly as needed until your job is complete. Energy saving automatic standby moves system into sleep mode when not in use.

ds-40i feeders
envelopes mail

Accommodates variety

The DS-40i includes two sheet feeders and one insert feeder to handle a variety of document, insert and envelope sizes. Choose from four different folding types to give your customer communications a professional look and feel. The manual feed function allows you to feed up to five sheets at one time, even if the sheets are stapled. The inserts and BRE feeder lets you insert specific communications, such as flyers, marketing messages, or return envelopes.

Always accurate

The DS-40i's intuitive document loading and paper present sensors ensure your job is always set up correctly before you start. Our exclusive double document detection technology verifies that all active feeders feed only one sheet or one insert at a time, preventing feeding errors to ensure that all documents are sent to the correct recipient.


Easy to use

The intuitive 5"colour touchscreen makes every job set-up a breeze. Our Wizard-based operating software guides you through set-up and helps you recall jobs or adjust system settings when needed. Quickly recall up to 15 stored jobs or create new jobs with ease.


Through high speed wireless internet connection, activate the DS-40i's embedded remote assistance and remote control features to access on-demand technical support right from the touchscreen. Remote assistance and remote control allow Quadient Service Technicians to view and share control of the user screen in order to guide you through an issue to resolution.

Computer Speed and Efficiency


Assembly speed Up to 1,350 mail pieces per hour
Document feeder capacity Up to 200 sheets - 100 per feeder
Manual sheet feeding capacity

Up to 5 sheets - stapled or unstapled

Accumulation and folding capacity Accumulate and fold up to 5 sheets
Document fold types Letter, single, double parallel, no fold
Insert - business reply envelope feeder capacity Up to 100
Envelope feeder capacity

Up to 100 envelopes

Envelope sealing


Envelope separation

Compatible envelope types #10, 6" x 9"
Output Folding catch tray - holds up to 150 finished mail pieces
Connectivity Wifi enabled standard
Intuitive document loading Standard
Paper present sensors Standard
Load-on-the-fly feeding Standard
Continuous cascade feeder linking Standard
Document misfeed detection Standard
Instant job recall Program and recall up to 15 jobs
Remote operator support Standard
Control panel 5" colour touch screen
Automatic stand by Standard
myquadient customer portal Standard
Add-on options  

Tri-fold kit

Insert n' mail kit Available
Document dimensions  
Document height 7" - 14"
Document width 5.6" - 8.9"
Document weight

18 - 30 lb.

Insert - BRE dimensions  
Insert - BRE height 3.5" - 5.9"
Insert - BRE width 5.6" - 8.9"
Insert weight 20 - 62 lb.
BRE weight 19 - 30 lb.

Envelope dimensions

Envelope height 4.1" - 6.5"
Envelope width
8.8" - 9.5" (standard #10, 6" x 9.5")
System dimensions  
Length x width x height

26" x 17" x 22"

Weight 81 lbs.

Our Quadient inserter folds and seals refund and A/P checks faster than hand folding and it sends checks out in a timely manner for our customers. We have high volumes of checks that have to go out and the machine makes it easier for us to complete our goal.

— Gloria Benavidez

Business Professional | Xcel Energy

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