Royal Mail franking machine decertification

Anthony Coo | Friday, Apr 23rd 2021
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From January 1st, 2023, Royal Mail will no longer accept the use of non-Mailmark franking machines, such as the traditional town and crown mark. Instead, Britain’s largest postal service and parcel delivery company will be moving to a 2D barcode. Which Quadient’s franking machine range already utilises.

Simply put, Mailmark can be described as a new generation of franking mark with a 2D barcode that carries machine readable information on both the user and mail piece.  

The reason behind Royal Mail’s decertification of non-Mailmark franking machines is down to Mailmark being the most efficient and accurate way of processing mail.  These benefits are reflected in the preferential pricing on all Mailmark products and services.

If you’d like to find out how using Mailmark can help your business, you can read this blog that we produced on the topic.  

What does this mean to Quadient customers?

For our customers, Royal Mail’s transition from non-Mailmark (also known as Standard) to Mailmark means that those customers that are still using a non-Mailmark franking machine should begin considering alternative solutions. However, there is still plenty of time before a final decision must be made, and you can continue to benefit from your current machine while you consider what mailing solution best suits your needs.

In the period leading up to 1st January 2023 you will no longer be able to add credit to your Standard franking machine – Royal Mail has yet to release the date for when this change will occur. We’ll be sure to update you soon as we know. After 1st January 2023 Royal Mail will only accept mail that has been produced by a Mailmark franking machine and any franked mail that doesn’t contain a Mailmark barcode will be returned to the sender.

No one in the UK invests more in mailing solutions than us at Quadient. We already offer a hybrid mail solution for outsourcing bulk mailings. Later this year, we will be introducing new franking machines and a software franking alternative that is ideal for low volume users!

Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding what the decertification of non-Mailmark franking machine means for your organisation, we have a page dedicated to FAQ’s on the subject.