Automatic letter openers

The day’s post can mean cheques to cash, client letters, and sales leads to follow-up. Or it could mean customer complaints or final demands.

Either way, it’s vital for any organisation to open mail, distribute and process it as quickly as possible. Automatic letter-opening machines speed through the morning post, processing hundreds of envelopes per minute.


Our range of automatic letter openers can help you:

Open envelope

Open mixed envelopes

Open mixed envelopes at speed, without pre-sorting or causing damage to contents. 

Speed up processing 

Faster opening means quicker distribution and processing of important documents, letters, cheques, and sales leads. 

Create a seamless process

Combine with our electronic document management software to manage rapid document distribution, online processing, and reliable digital archiving.

IM-16 automatic letter opener

Quadient's IM-16C Letter Opener maximizes office productivity by distributing incoming mail faster throughout your organization.

Whether processing cheques, orders, remittance pieces or daily incoming mail, the IM-16C opens various envelope types, saves time, leaves no waste, and protects valuable contents.

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IM-16C Mail Opener

IM-19 automatic letter opener

With speeds of up to 400 letters per minute, the Quadient IM-19 letter opening machine saves time and speeds up the distribution of incoming mail.  Easy to use, with solid metal construction for ultra reliability. It handles mixed mail without pre-sorting, and opens a wide range of envelope sizes. Milling cutter technology precisely cuts each envelope to eliminate the problem of damaged documents.

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IM-19 Letter Opener

IM-22 automatic letter opener

The IM-22 is a heavy-duty letter opener that can open over 10 envelopes per second (up to 32000 per hour),. So it is ideal for users who deal with high mail volumes. The multi-function touch screen and catch tray make it very easy and convenient to use.

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IM-22 Letter Opener

IM-27 automatic letter opener

The Quadient IM-27 is a heavy-duty letter-opening machine that can open up to 36000 envelopes per hour. So it is ideal for users who process high mail volumes. The multi-function touch screen makes it very easy to use.

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IM-27 Letter Opener

IM-30 automatic letter opener

Incoming mail is very important in any business, but handling it effectively and quickly can be complex and time-consuming. Invoices, payments and correspondence arrive daily and can easily stack up. Automating this process means substantial time savings and getting mail to the people who need it quicker. It also reduces the likelihood of errors and increases performance.

Quadient’s IM-30 mail opener makes the process of mail opening simpler and faster.

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IM-30 Mail Opener

IM-35 automatic letter opener and mail extractor

Efficient handling of incoming mail is a simple way to improve profits and customer satisfaction. The IM-35 eliminates the problem of damaged documents. That’s because it is designed to keep the contents of your mail safe while it opens every envelope swiftly. Easy to use and ultra reliable, it can handle mixed mail without pre-sorting, and opens a wide range of envelope sizes.

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IM-35 Automatic Letter Opener and Mail Extractor

Letter openers and mail extraction

Even our smallest desktop machine opens up to 300 letters/minute

Office letter openers

Compact desktop design and quiet operation fits into any office environment. Even our smallest machine opens up to 300 letters per minute without pre-sorting or damage to contents.

Durable and high speed machines that can open up to 36000 letters/hour

Mailroom letter openers

Designed to manage bulk quantities of envelopes. Handle up to 36,000 envelopes per hour. Contents are presented for easy extraction. Up to 1000 opened envelopes can be stacked beneath the input feeder for easy removal.

Envelopes are slit accurately on 3 sides of the envelope for easier extraction

Automated extraction

Envelopes are slit accurately on 3 sides of the envelope for easier extraction and no damage to contents. Open up to 2400 envelopes per hour or opt for 1 or 2 sided opening for higher speed. Handles mixed mail without pre-sorting and items up to 4mm thick. Large hopper holds up to 300 envelopes.

Customer Feedback

The new systems are working well. We have already witnessed improvements in process efficiency. In fact, when compared to manual mail opening solutions we would have to employ a further 14 people.

— Donna Jones

Senior Operations Manager - DVLA

Industry leading satisfaction

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