Mailroom furniture & equipment


Maximise distribution efficiency in your communications centre

It all starts in the mailroom. No matter the size of your organisation, a well-engineered mailroom can increase productivity, maximise efficiency and streamline your workflow. Quadient offers a line of modular mailroom furniture with significant benefits to your mailroom and office operations, and provides custom design services to meet your unique mail sorting and distribution needs.

Mailroom furniture

Bespoke mailroom design services

We offer two ways to ensure your new or refurbished mailroom is designed to obtain optimum use of the available space.

1. Our sales representative will visit your site to discuss your requirements, take measurements, then provide you with a computerised 3D image of the proposed design. We then provide an itemised quotation including installation.

2. Alternatively you can send us your mailroom measurements and we can then give you a computerised design and work with you to
get the results you want to make the most
of your space.


Wooden mailsort units

The universal solid sort unit provides the user with the flexibility to sort various sized mail in a single unit. The unit is the first in its marketplace to offer customers the opportunity of sorting mail horizontally or vertically depending on the size of the post. This single column unit can either be used as a single sort station or it can be the starting point of your multiple column mail sort unit building up to 3, 4 or 5 columns.


Wooden mail sorter with emplyoer
Furniture adapted to each solution

Mailroom benches

We supply a range of Mailroom benches including; 

  • Desks with lockable pedestal 
  • Desks with a cupboard and lockable doors 
  • Desks with an open cupboard 
  • Open bench with shelf 
  • Open bench 


Mail trolley

Mailroom trolleys

We have three different types of mailroom trolleys; 

  1. Internal Mailroom Trolleys - Highly manoeuvrable mail trolley, manufactured in steel and finished with non-chip paint and available in different sizes and weight capability 
  2. Internal Lockable Trolleys -  Includes one extra strength removable basket and one lockable box
  3. Flatbed Folding Trolley - Folding platform trolley with non-slip platform and scuff resistant corners. Trolley folds flat for storage 


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