Royal Mail franking machine decertification: your questions answered

Anthony Coo | Wednesday, Jun 29th 2022
Banner showing a crown, letters and a Royal Mail Postbox

From 1 January 2023, Royal Mail will no longer accept mail from standard franking machines. This is known as decertification. It means that standard franking machine users, who plan to continue sending franked mail next year, will need to switch to a Mailmark compatible franking machine.  

This is a significant change for customers using older franking machines. Here, we answer your questions to help you understand what’s happening, and how you may need to act.  

What is the difference between franking and Mailmark franking? 

Mailmark® from the Royal Mail is the latest way to do franking. It has a 2D blue barcode which carries more information about the item being sent.  

Royal Mail is phasing out the older standard franking machines (‘decertification’) because Royal Mail products are moving to barcode technology. Mailmark provides the most accurate and efficient way to process mail. 

How can I tell which type of franking machine I have? 

The older, non-Mailmark franking machines use standard ‘town and crown’ franking marks, shown on the left below. These are the ones Royal Mail will no longer accept from 1 January 2023. 

Image removed.

A Mailmark franking mark features a blue barcode, as you can see in the image above.  

If you’re not sure if the Quadient franking machine you have is one that is being decertified, you can talk to us. There is also further information on how to identify your machine type from the meter impression it makes in the Royal Mail guide to decertification of standard franking machines

If I need to change my franking machine, what do I do? 

The most important thing is to plan for this change. If you have a non-Mailmark franking machine and want to continue franking in 2023, speak to us. We can advise on the franking machine that will meet your needs, according to the type and volume of mail you send.  

Franking machines provide a range of useful features for your business, such as postage spend tracking and company branding as part of your meter impression. Take a look at our top 10 benefits of franking.  

If I get a new franking machine, what do I do with my old one? 

Once you have your new franking machine and everything is working for you, you can arrange for your old Quadient machine to be collected by logging in or signing up to MyQuadient or you can complete this form (if you are flexible on dates).  
Pack up the machine being collected in a sealed box, clearly marked ‘Quadient.’ If you need to use more than one box, state this in the additional information section on the form.  

What happens to the postage prices I pay? 

The good news is that Mailmark provides access to the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking products and services. Since the 4 April 2022 Royal Mail tariff change, Mailmark franked 1st and 2nd Class letters sent inland have been 17p cheaper, compared to buying stamps. 

Where can I get further information and support? 

Quadient can help you through this change and answer any questions you have. Quadient’s Mailmark franking machine range provides many advanced features to help your business get the most value from franked mail.  

Our mailing and postage blogs contain a wealth of information about franking mail. We also have a page that answers even more questions about decertification. If you can’t find what you need, or want to discuss your options, just get in touch.