Royal Mail international prices change on 1 September: keep saving with Mailmark

Wednesday, Jul 27th 2022

Royal Mail has announced international tariff changes that come into effect on 1 September 2020. 

Prices will change for international parcels, letters and large letters for ‘on account’ and franking services across:

  • International Tracked & Signed
  • International Tracked
  • International Signed
  • International Standard
  • International Economy (parcels only).

Full details, including access to price guides from 1 September, can be found on the Royal Mail website.

Mailmark franking customers will continue to keep their postage costs down, with savings compared to using stamps.

Updating your franking machine

  • For Mailmark customers, updates are automatically provided your Quadient-provided Mailmark franking machine is always connected to the internet (LAN), but if you need to download the tariff change manually, take a look at our tariff change support site for guidance.
  • If you use a standard or smart meter machine, you can find details on how to make the change for your model included with our download and fitting instructions.

Any customers requiring further assistance can call our dedicated tariff change team on 0845 880 0000 (option 0).

What is Mailmark?

Mailmark is the most up-to-date franking impression that, through a 2D barcode, carries more information about the item being sent.

It saves your business money because it offers the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking products and services.

With a Mailmark franking machine, you can upload credit as you need it to keep control of and track your postage spend and to monitor usage across your business. 

You can find more information on Royal Mail’s franking services and technology at To find out how Quadient can help you get the most value from your franked mail, take a look at our Mailmark franking machines.