Why your business should own an envelope printer

Thursday, Jan 28th 2021
Close up of girl hands opening an envelope with a letter inside on a desk at home

For those of you that have endeavoured to print envelopes on a standard printer, you will know just how frustrating this task can be. You put the envelopes in and begin printing, then suddenly there is a paper jam. If your business prints envelopes regularly and tends to send out written communication, then investing in your own envelope printer would make the process more efficient, easier and professional! In this blog, we look at some of the benefits to owning an envelope printer.  


Firstly, investing in an envelope printer is cost-effective. While it is possible to use an office printer to print envelopes, it is neither productive nor cost-effective. For example, when distributing mass mail outs, an envelope printer offers a lot more, in much less time, compared to a standard office printer producing the exact same number, for just a fraction of the price.  

Secondly, envelope printers can help you to control your expenses. The high production speeds coupled with low operation costs enable you to streamline direct mail process and maximise postal rate discounts.

Finally, an envelope printer can act as a hidden promotional tool. The fact that the printer has the capabilities to convey an organisations message, colour, and logo will help you make a more memorable impact with your audience, standing apart from competitors. Simply adding a bit of colour or visual flair to an envelope can increase the likelihood that it will be opened and is useful when distributing promotional mail-outs to your database. This can also lead to revenue growth, with the creation of striking mail pieces, combined with quality print and spot colour, which has been proven to increase open, read and respond rates dramatically.  

Envelope printer features

Envelope printers offer numerous significant features to support organisations that would like to increase the impact of its mailings. Quadient’s envelope printers use the latest technology to print live variable data on a wide-variety of surfaces. Throughout the AS product line, the printers use a unique user interface that lets the user change settings quickly, whilst they also have an intuitive, easy-to-use colour touch screen that is simple to use, and gives operators full control to produce the best looking and most efficient mailings with ease.

The AS-450, the smallest printer in Quadient’s AS product line has the capability to print up to 22,000 envelopes per hour, whilst the larger AS-650 and AS-850 printers can print up to 30,000 and 32,000 envelopers per hour, respectively.

For more information and to discover how Quadient can help you to increase the impact of your organisation’s mailings, take a look at our range of enveloper printers here