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Scalable mail assembly for all your mail

With the need to identify more productive and efficient ways to conduct business, companies are continually looking for ways to streamline the creation of their business critical communications. Quadient’s DS-95i delivers with fast, flexible, accurate mail assembly.

The DS-95i can be customized to your specific requirements with up to seven feeding stations to correctly assembly your most challenging combinations of document sizes and types. Simply add the right module at the right time as your needs change.

All feeders come standard with load-on-the-fly feeding and cascading mode to allow uninterrupted assembly of your mail. Our exclusive Flexfeed© multi-format feeding processes all document sizes including inserts, reply forms and return envelopes from a single feeding tray.

Thanks to its best-in-class scanning technology, the DS-95i can read a variety of document codes that are used to automate variable page mail assembly. Utilizing document coding ensures the right documents are always sent to the right person, eliminating the human error that could result when mail is assembled by hand.

When integrated with our Impress Automate document creation and automation solution, the DS-95i provides you with total control over every step of your mail creation processes.

Why choose the DS-95i?

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operating costs by automating mail creation.



customer response rates and improve cash flow.



mail creation to protect customer information and ensure 100% accuracy.

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your documents are sent to the right recipient, every time.

Efficient, versatile mail assembly tools

DS-95i Folder Inserter feeders


Quadient's Impress Automate document creation solution significantly enhances the efficiency of your mail assembly process by automating barcode creation on your documents prior to printing. The DS-95i reads the barcodes to assemble variable-page mail pieces accurately. Merge different documents for the same customer into one envelope to save money on postage costs and supplies. Our automatic cascade feeding function offers continuous operation by linking feeders. If one feeder runs empty, the other feeder automatically takes over, allowing you to refill on-the-fly as needed until your job is complete. To avoid stoppages and maximize efficiency, the DS-95i includes an intelliDeck that can automatically divert document sets which are too large to process or sets requiring special handling, all while the system is still running.

Accommodates variety

The DS-95i's FlexFeeders® can feed sheets that require folding and inserts that don’t. These dual-purpose feeders provide you with increased application flexibility by supporting a wider range of sheet and insert combinations, especially when compared to competitive models with dedicated sheet and insert feeders. This scalable folder inserter, with multiple productivity enhancing finished mail piece exit options, is designed to grow to meet the expanding needs of your mail center.

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2D barcode scanning capabilities

Always accurate

Utilizing full-page Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanning technology, the DS-95i can read any type of coding including optical mark, optical character, and 1D and 2D matrix barcodes. Because the scanner reads the entire area of a page, codes can be printed anywhere on the document and can be read horizontally or vertically. This ensures your multi-page jobs are assembled correctly, every time. Our exclusive double document detection technology verifies that all active feeders feed only one sheet or one insert at a time, preventing feeding errors to ensure that all documents are sent to the correct recipient. Our Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS) enhances the DS-95i's built-in document accuracy to deliver end-to-end assembly verification. AIMS confirms that every piece of mail in your job has been assembled correctly, providing complete closed loop, piece-level content accuracy.

Easy to use

A 10” color touch screen with wizard-based guidance, simplifies operation. Quickly recall up to 50 stored jobs or create new jobs with ease. Quadient's Load n' Go automatic job set up feature makes job preparation a breeze. Simply load your documents and envelopes, then press the start button. The DS-95i will automatically measure the length of your documents and envelopes, adjust all system settings to assemble your mail, then save them as a job memory for instant recall. Intuitive document loading and paper present sensors ensure all feeders are loaded correctly before you start. Our intelligent collation technology automatically measures the length of each document to ensure it is positioned correctly in collator to achieve the perfect fold, every time.

DS-95i Folder Inserter touch screen
LAN connection


Through high speed LAN or wireless internet connection, activate the DS-95i's embedded remote assistance and remote control features to access on-demand technical support right from the touchscreen. Remote assistance and remote control allow Quadient Service Technicians to view and share control of the user screen in order to guide you through an issue to resolution.


Assembly speed Up to 4,300 mail pieces per hour
Document feeding capacity Up to 1,200 sheets
Manual sheet feeding capacity Up to 10 sheets - stapled or unstapled
Accumulation and folding capacity Up to 10 sheets
Multi-document feeding Up to 25 documents
Up to 25 documents Letter, z-fold, single, double parallel, no fold
Insert - business reply envelope feeder capacity Up to 525 inserts, 325 BRE's
Envelope feeder capacity Up to 500 envelopes
Envelope sealing Tip to tip sealing standard
Envelope separation Semi-automatic
Compatible envelope types #10, 6" x 9"
Output High capacity vertical stacker standard - holds up to 500 finished mail pieces
Connectivity LAN and Wifi enabled standard
Load n' go automatic job set up Standard
Intuitive document loading Standard
Paper present sensors Standard
Variable document feeding FlexFeed® technology standard
Load-on-the-fly feeding Standard
Continuous cascade feeder linking Standard
Document misfeed detection Standard
Instant job recall Program and recall up to 50 jobs
Remote operator support Standard
Multi-code reading technology Standard
Control panel 10" colour touch screen
Automatic stand by Standard
myquadient customer portal Standard
Add-on options  
Short tray feeder Holds up to 325 inserts, 50 BRE's
MaxiFeeder Holds up to 1,200 inserts, 325 BRE's
Side exit (RH or LH) Holds up to 225 finished mail pieces
High-capacity conveyor stacker Holds up to 1,000 finished mail pieces
Insert n' mail kit Available
AIMS folder inserter audit software Available
Document dimensions  
Document height 3.5" - 14"
Document width 5.1" - 9.5"
Document weight 15 - 62.5 lb.
Insert - BRE dimensions  
Insert - BRE height 3.3" - 4.9"
Insert - BRE width 5.1" - 9.1"
Insert weight 20 - 30 lb.
BRE weight 18.75 - 62.5 lb.
Maximum insert thickness 1 mm
Envelope dimensions  
Envelope height 3.5" - 6.35"
Envelope width 6.3" - 9.7" (standard #10, 6" x 9.5")
System dimensions  
Length x width x height 60.75" x 18.5" x 38.25"
Weight 222 lbs.

We have greatly benefited by saving the amount of time required to process volumes of outgoing mail. This has undoubtedly had a positive impact on our mailroom operations and created greater efficiency within the organization.

— Simon Tucker

Mailroom Coordinator | OMF

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