Clean up mailroom processes

Thursday, Oct 6th 2022
Clean up mailroom processes

In the whirlwind of business operations, mailroom management and print mail compilation is, at times, overlooked. That is until it begins costing your company both time and money – employees spend time on compiling mail outreach instead of higher priority tasks, and additional funds going to cover postage, surcharges, and fees.

No better time than now to clean up your mailroom and the processes, which will also help you avoid mailing surcharges (think: address correction fees) and overpaying for postage. Sure – organizing the mailroom is the definitive starting point, but there are various other ways to clean up your processes. 


  • Post rate updates: Stay up to date on current postal rates and post details on the wall in the mailroom. (Download the USPS® Rate Guide)
  • Order supplies: Check-in on items that are running low (paper, envelopes, etc.) and reorder to avoid time lost on last-minute supply runs. 
  • Recycle print cartridges: It conserves natural resources and reduces air and water pollution/emissions associated with landfilling, incineration, and the manufacturing of new cartridges.
  • Reuse or donate excess office supplies and promotions: These items often either take up a lot of storage space or are thrown in the trash. However, a local school or charity could benefit from their donation.
  • Create an “Upcycle Station”: For supplies or equipment no longer in need that other employees may be able to use.

Improve address data and avoid correction fees 
Address Correction Fees are associated with an incorrect or incomplete address and parameters vary by carrier. A misspelled address or a missing unit number is minor, but the charge for address corrections can really add up.

What’s at stake? 

  • Wasted time, postage and materials 
  • Higher volumes of returned mail
  • Lost revenue opportunities    

With Quadient’s address quality solutions, you will never waste time and money sending mail to invalid or outdated addresses again.

Our software: 

  • Analyzes the list prior to mailing and identifies which addresses are undeliverable and which recipients have moved 
  • Updates out-of-date addresses with new address details to ensure mail arrives to the right recipient

Expedite Certified Mail® sends and management
Did you know:

  • Certified letters are one of the most labor-intensive types of mail
  • The cost of First-Class Mail® postage, plus the Certified Mail™ Service fee and the Return Receipt® fee 
  • (‘green card’) is 13 times higher than a letter
  • Physical Return Receipts must be filed manually for retrieval and are often misplaced
  • Electronic Return Receipt® reduces the cost per letter by over $1.00

Prepare Certified Mail® electronically in a fraction of the time with Quadient – no forms to handwrite, no labels or green cards to affix to envelopes. Replace green cards with USPS® Proof of Delivery e-Documents including digital signatures. All Certified Mail® activity is stored in the cloud so you can quickly track deliveries and download signature documents. No paper receipts to organize and store. It is as easy as it sounds!

Gain clarity into your postal and shipping costs
Implement one system for USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®, and do everything from one place, including:

  • Meter postal envelopes
  • Ship express envelopes
  • Manage costs    

Connect all mailing and shipping activity across the business with Quadient’s mail equipment and software. 

  • Correctly weigh and apply postage to mail pieces and packages
  • Recoup lost productivity by allowing operators to cue the next account while mail is being processed
  • Eliminate synchronization across multiple systems, and pull all carrier transactions into your billing system with a single import
  • Ensure 100% of spending is properly allocated to the correct budget line item

Automate in-house mail preparation to increase efficiency and save resources
Large, complex mailings often are not 100% automated, increasing the risk of human error.

Many organizations are looking for ways to spend less time on mail preparation due to:

  • Elevated costs
  • Increased workloads
  • Limited resources    

Quadient’s extensive selection of mail equipment and software does it all.

  • Fold, stuff, seal, weigh and meter mailings faster, with no manual steps involved
  • Securely automate variable-page mail jobs by printing integrity barcodes on documents
  • Access postal discounts

To learn more about how Quadient hardware and software will improve efficiency to your mailing operations, contact your Quadient representative or visit:

Want insight into common surcharges? Download the Ebook 2022 FedEx® and UPS® Shipping Guidebook: Common Surcharges, a quick reference guide to the most common shipping surcharges and how to avoid them.