Sending mail is more complex than ever

Quadient Impress Automate

As more variables come into play, managing mail manually can be overwhelming 

The task of sending mail isn’t simple anymore. Some portion of your mail still needs to be printed and mailed. Most of those jobs are processed in-house, but some might make sense to outsource. More and more of your customers want paperless delivery. If you’re like many organizations, mail has become a fragmented mess.

On top of all that, manual processes are still very commonplace. They increase operational costs, lower employee productivity and job satisfaction, and expose your company to the risk of human error.

Quadient Impress helps you manage the modern mail flow by automating document processes, optimizing communications for physical or digital delivery, and allowing you to send mail from anywhere – so you and your staff focus on what matters most. 

Make the most of your folder inserter and mailing process

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) trust Quadient Impress to connect with customers across multiple touch points and deliver a seamless multi-channel experience.
Set business rules using intelligent bar coding to group, sort, and collate documents to their intended recipients.         

Automate mail assembly

Accelerate mail processing by eliminating manual mail prep and reallocate staff to business-critical tasks

Enhance document output

Provide a personalized communications experience with targeted messaging  to your customers preferred channel

Offer digital delivery

Provide digital document delivery and save on postage

Outsource large complex mailings

Eliminate cumbersome mailings from your workflow and send sensitive documents safely and securely

Enable online invoice payment

Drive cash flow by making it easy for your customers to pay their invoices securely online

Go one step further with AIMS closed loop verification

Working with your folder inserter, AIMS by Quadient tracks documents in real-time during processing to ensure no page is missed, providing you with end-to-end accountability, visibility, and reporting. 

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Which scenario below best fits your objectives?

Streamline my in-house mail processes

Keep some communications in-house and outsource others

Eliminate as much in-house physical mail as possible

Quadient Impress has transformed the way we send customer invoices and has freed up employees to focus on higher-value tasks.  

— Ed Fox

Controller, Groov Pin

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