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Send mail and packages for less

Never buy stamps again

Want to get mail and packages out the door faster and save money?

Our range of postage meters automatically weigh, meter, seal, and stamp your outgoing mail so you don't have to worry about it. 

  • Save on every letter or parcel you send
  • Calculate the right postage every time
  • Track and control your postal spend online

Fold and insert mail automatically without errors

Quadient’s smart folding and inserting machines make mail prep easier, and they're available for businesses of all sizes.

  • Small business envelope-stuffing machines
  • Mid-volume folder inserters
  • High-volume folder inserters

Choose the perfect size and model for your business and accelerate your workflow.

ds-64i folder inserter

Ship right from your desktop

Shipping directly from your desktop has never been easier.

Guaranteed savings 
Get discounts on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express™ by having access to Commercial Base Pricing. 
Ship with multiple carriers 
For all your parcel shipping, select your preferred carrier: USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®. 
Rate shopping 
Automatically compare rates. Neoship identifies the lowest price or the fastest delivery method.* 
Batch shipments 
Create up to 100 identical shipments being sent to different recipients and addresses at one time. 
Secure and track 
Obtain a complete view online of all your shipments and stay informed by tracking each parcel to its destination. Send email alerts to communicate with customers. 

Make a lasting impression with direct mail done right

Our address label printers and full-color digital envelope printers help you make a lasting impression.

Exceptional print quality plus speed translates into your lowest cost-per-piece and fastest ROI for direct mail and transpromotional marketing printing.

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Speak with a mailing & shipping expert

I mail out over a thousand envelopes a month and having the Quadient inserter fold and seal the envelope with speed and accuracy is time-saving for me.

— Jessica Landry

Business Professional, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services