Elevate your communication strategy with print mail

Wednesday, Jul 27th 2022

Join Will Morgan from Aspire CCS (Analysts) and Tom Prestwich COO of Adare SEC (Service Provider) for a webinar that looks at the changing landscape of customer communications and the ever-increasing drive for a personalized omni-channel experience.

Customers demand an immersive, personalized experience from every communication, regardless of channel format. Given the opportunity to effectively connect with their customers – many companies accelerated toward collaborating with PSPs to outsource print communications. PSPs help businesses best leverage the tools available to them to make mail an essential aspect of any outreach initiative.

Print communications offer a distinct set of advantages that makes it uniquely valuable in the digital world. Working with a PSP provides businesses the opportunity to reduce cost, improve customer experience, and deliver a consistent level and character of interaction throughout the customer lifecycle, which is really the very essence of omni-channel communication.

 High-value insight into:

  • How customer communications are evolving
  • Ways to increase interest in communications
  • Opportunities for PSPs and companies to adjust their strategy to fit customer demands
  • Accelerating growth by utilizing a SMART run facility

Attend the upcoming webinar on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 (11 AM EDT - 4 PM GMT - 5 PM CET) - Customers Demand Choice: How can Print Service Providers deliver choice effectively?

About Will Morgan:
Will Morgan is an experienced industry analyst with expertise in the Customer Communications Services market. In his role as Senior Research Analyst at Aspire, Will works alongside the wider analyst team to provide advice, insight, and vital intelligence to the company's expanding customer base on both sides of the Atlantic.

About Aspire CCS:
Founded in 2015 by industry expert Kaspar Roos, Aspire is a leading consulting firm specializing in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) industries. Through deep market expertise and global insights, Aspire works with software vendors, service providers, enterprises, and investors to successfully transform their CCM into CXM.

About Tom Prestwich
Tom joined Adare SEC as Chief Operating Officer. Tom will bring a wealth of industry and operational experience. His plans are to future proof Adare SEC, investing in hardware and technology, whilst further streamlining processes to achieve operational excellence. In his spare time Tom likes to spend time with his family, he is an avid cyclist and enjoys shooting

About Daniel Donoghue
Dan joined Adare SEC in November 2020 and has a strong background in digital and customer communications.  His last 4 years have been focused on working with brands to deliver multi-channel customer communications solutions across a wide range of sectors including utilities, telco and financial services.   Dan has broad expertise in identifying opportunities to enhance CX in customer communications and is well versed with customer journey mapping.  

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