How to save on USPS Certified Mail Costs

Wednesday, Aug 10th 2022
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Everyone wants to make the process of sending Certified Mail easier, quicker and…cheaper. This is possible and simpler than you think!

Certified Mail is a type of mail delivery service that adds security to a letter, large envelope or even package and lets you know when it gets to the intended recipient. If you send Certified Mail often enough, this extra service can add up, and not just in fees and postage costs. Think about the valuable employee time spent submitting, tracking and archiving Certified Mail receipts.

As of July 10, 2022, the postage meter rate to send a 1-ounce USPS Certified Mail® letter with a Return Receipt (old-fashioned Green Card) is $7.82  (4.00+3.25+.57)
If you use Online Certified Mail with Electronic Delivery Confirmation, you can reduce your cost by almost a third to $5.47. (4.00+.90+.57) 

In this post, we're breaking down the different Certified Mail costs and outlining several ways you can reduce them.

USPS Certified Mail Costs

1. Certified Mail Costs

Certified Mail is an extra service offered by the USPS that provides you with verification that a mail piece or package was delivered. The service fee is $4.00, whether you send a small letter or a large box. However, if you automate your process you can reduce postage costs for Certified Mail with Return Receipt™ just by using online Certified Mail software to enter the recipient’s address and print the Certified Mail label right from your office. This streamlined online process also has address correction, so you won’t pay double for returned mail that you have to resend again. Online Certified Mail also gives you tracking and visibility to the mail piece so that you aren’t left worrying and waiting.


2. Return Receipt Costs

Return Receipt is proof of delivery that the item you mailed was received. This is written confirmation that something was delivered and received and is often needed when delivering important tax forms, medical documents, legal documents and more. Return Receipt can either be hard copy which costs an additional $3.25 or an electronic confirmation which costs only $.90. By using electronic Return Receipt you save up to 72% and improve how you save and archive Certified Mail. By sending Certified Mail with electronic Return Receipt you can easily organize and archive Certified Mail receipts in one easy to use portal. NOTE: Electronic return receipt (PDF) with signature is $2.00 but still over a 38% savings over old-fashioned green cards.


3. Postage Costs

As an extra sevice, Certified Mail is in addition to the postage you already have to pay to mail or send your item. If you are sending a letter, that can cost $.60. A typical package can cost anywhere from $2.00 to $200, depending on the size and weight. To keep your postage costs down, adhere to two simple best practices: #1 Use a postage meter and #2 Use flat rate shipping whenever possible. When using a postage meter you save 5% on every letter you mail, so the postage costs go from $.60 to only $.57. When using Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express flat rate shipping, pay one flat rate when you send using Certified Mail, regardless of how much the packages weigh.

In summary, purchasing your Certified Mail Labels online and skipping a trip to the Post Office will save you $2.35 per mailing off the old-fashioned green cards and forms. 

These are just a few ways you can minimize your Certified Mail costs and improve your Certified Mail process. To speak to a specialist and explore other ways to improve your mail process, contact a Quadient rep today! To learn more about Certified Mail with electronic Return Receipt download the e-Certify brochure and see the improvements to workflow in action.