Relieving the Headache of Outgoing Mail Management

Wednesday, Jul 27th 2022
Relieving the Headache of Outgoing Mail Management

Despite routinely outsourcing many non-core business activities, small businesses tend to manage their outgoing mail themselves. As businesses grow, the demands on communications increase with regular and ad-hoc mailings ranging from estimates and invoices to reminders and marketing materials; not to mention staff communications. Outsourcing outgoing mail can save time and improve productivity while giving businesses insight and control over the communications process.

Consider the range and volume of communications sent out by your business and how much time and involvement staff have to give to them. Some communications are generated in one part of the business and passed to another to print, address, apply postage and mail. Then there’s email; decisions have to be made over which communications go by physical mail and which digitally. 

It only takes one or more hitch to occur somewhere along the chain of production and communications can go out late, have errors in them or not go out at all. This can lead to lost revenue opportunities and, in the case of invoicing, cash flow issues. Common problems encountered include equipment malfunctions, staff absences and delays caused by backlogs, particularly at peak times. 

A Digital Outsourcing Solution Takes Care of Printed and Electronic Mailings

A cloud portal that enables you to send tens or thousands of letters from your computer in minutes takes the hassle and time out of outgoing mail. The solution sends uploaded documents to customers in the way they wish to receive them – whether that’s by physical or digital mail. 

For your business, this means: 

  • Time saved that would have been spent printing, applying postage and stuffing envelopes
  • No more hassle fixing equipment issues such as a printer malfunction that can delay communications going out
  • Cost savings on print and postage 
  • No bottlenecks in the system that demand one communication be sacrificed for another
  • A staff absence doesn’t mean outgoing mail stalls 
  • Status tracking through customizable dashboards accessible from anywhere
  • Secure digital communications storage for easy document archiving and retrieval. 

A web-based solution that handles the processing and delivery of business communications in just a few clicks takes care of regular and ad-hoc mail simply, efficiently and accurately, freeing up resources to get on with the job of growing the business. 

Find out how Neopost can help you relieve the headache of outgoing mail management.