Quadient USA offers state & local government agencies the ability to order multiple products at pre-negotiated prices. To ensure you are receiving your contract price, please view the pricing catalog below.

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Contract Number
ADSPO16-169901, 05516
Contract Coverage
Contract Supplies

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How to order:

Customer provides a purchase order with the required product number. All purchase orders should be made out to:
Quadient, Inc. or Quadient Leasing USA, Inc.
478 Wheelers Farms Rd
Milford, CT 06461

Purchase order must include:

  • NASPO contract number (ADSPO16-169901)
  • Name, Address, Contact, Phone Number
  • Addendum #05516


Larry Waters
Contact Sales

Larry Waters
Government Accounts Manager
T: 281.216.4596 - F: 203.301.2804

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Contact Administration

T: 1.800.636.7678

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Master Agreement, Participating Agenda, etc.

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