Not all mail is planned

Ad hoc mail is any customer communication that falls outside of your regular bulk distribution schedule. This may include documents like appointment reminders, insurance policy updates, mortgage application letters, court summons, product announcements, or special offers. Standardize documents regardless of their origin and ensure they are delivered with a consistent brand image.

Have you considered how ad hoc mail may be affecting your organization?

No day is ever the same, especially when it comes to sending outbound mail. Daily business operations require numerous employees to send ad hoc customer communications. Ad hoc mail is necessary and important, but how do you make sure that your organization is delivering a consistent customer experience and optimizing costs? Download the use case brochure to learn how automating ad hoc mail can maximize the impact of each customer communication. 

ad hoc mail

 Leverage your existing mail center

Optimize efficiency by centralizing ad hoc mail.  Consolidate desktop communications from multiple office locations to streamline document production and take advantage of bulk postage rates. 

Quadient Impress is ideal for businesses with an on-site and remote workforce. The application leverages your existing infrastructure allowing unlimited employees to create and manage outgoing ad hoc documents. With Impress users prepare, review, and send outgoing ad hoc documents for approval from anywhere. Once documents are ready, they may be automatically sent to your mail production center for printing and mailing. Or if you choose, you can send customer communications digitally to their own dedicated, secure, and branded document portal.

Deliver a consistent and compelling customer experience

Add personalized and targeted messaging to enhance documents and increase the impact of every customer communication. Enhance documents with Impress Automate allows users to customize documents with additional text, images, and compelling messaging, or personalized attachments to further enhance communications and make them more relevant for each customer.  

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Standardize documents while saving time

Quadient’s document automation solutions are better because they make mail processes faster.

— Dina Reus

President, RSVP Consulting

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