Accurate, timely, personalized, and low-cost mail is the foundation of your most important customer communications. Within a growing competitive environment, organizations are under extreme pressure to consistently deliver a satisfying client experience. Ensuring every customer's envelope contains the right documents is more important than ever.

Are manual document processes holding your business back?

If you find you or your employees struggling to keep up in this demanding and rapidly changing business environment, simply integrating automation into your document processes can free you and your staff up to focus on higher value projects. 

Prepare and deliver documents efficiently, securely and effectively:

  • Reduce the time it takes to prepare customer communications 
  • Reduce or eliminate manual processes and risk of error
  • Allow employees to focus on higher-value tasks

Learn about the benefits of automating document processes in the following use case brochure 

Manual document processes
Mail accuracy

Increase mail production while maintaining accuracy

Impress Automate automates your document preparation and distribution process reducing your exposure to potential errors and risks - such as misdirecting documents to the wrong customer.

When used with a folder inserter, Impress Automate can group, sort, and add intelligent 2D bar codes to each document which instruct the inserter to collate and process documents, based on your pre-defined business rules and ensure the right documents go to the intended customer.

  • Improve customer experience 
  • Save money on inventory and materials 
  • Ensure customer communications meet security and compliance requirements


Quadient’s folding and inserting machines make mail prep easier

Designed for businesses of every size, Quadient offers a range of intuitive Folder Inserter equipment that provides the highest level of productivity and dependability. Our suite of best-in-class document handling equipment includes: 

  • Easy-to-use folding and envelope stuffing machines 
  • Mid-volume stuffing machines 
  • High-volume folder inserter machines 

Choose the perfect size and model for your business and accelerate your workflow. 

DS-200 IQ
Woman at the computer

Centralize critical communications from anywhere

Leverage your existing infrastructure and optimize efficiency by centralizing ad hoc mail. Impress Automate consolidates desktop communications from multiple office locations and is ideal for organizations with an on-site and remote workforce.

Users prepare, review, and approve outgoing ad hoc documents from anywhere and automatically send them to your mail production center or digitally to your customer’s dedicated, secure document portal.  

Prep and deliver mail without leaving your desk or eliminate internal mailing tasks altogether

Send one, ten, or thousands of documents in minutes. With Impress Distribute employees can prepare and send physical or digital communications from anywhere whether they are working on-site or remotely. 

Impress Distribute gives you the power to handle the preparation and delivery of your customer communications from your computer in just a few clicks or offload internal mailing tasks altogether. Print, sort, stuff, meter and deliver mail without touching a piece of paper or leaving your deskUsers simply upload customer documents via a user-friendly SaaS application and then Quadient’s secure mail production facility take care of the rest. Gain full visibility of document tracking and status and monitor activity via an easy-to-use dashboard. It's like having your own online mailroom.

Let Quadient take care of the mailings that are time consuming, manual or a hassle.  Reallocate the time gained to other revenue-driving projects. 

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Person using a laptop

Guarantee the integrity of sensitive business communications

Automated Insertion Management (AIMS) by Quadient provides the highest level of mail piece integrity through file-based processing software and enables control of every aspect of the feeding, folding, and inserting hardware system process. With AIMS, you can rest assured your sensitive business communications are always delivered to the intended recipient. 

Within a growing competitive environment, business service organizations are under extreme pressure to consistently deliver a satisfying client experience. Ensuring every customer's envelope contains the right documents is more important than ever. 

Get more time back into your day

I mail out over a thousand envelopes a month and having the Quadient inserter fold and seal the envelopes with speed and accuracy is time-saving for me.

— Jessica Landry

Business Professional, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

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