How many mailing pieces do you send through your Quadient mailing system per month?

In our November 2022 survey of 105 users of Quadient mail related solutions, our customers indicated how many envelopes they send per month.  The majority of customers indicated they send under 1,000 envelopes per month, with almost 45% of respondents indicating that they send out less than 500 envelopes per month using their Quadient mailing system.

Why small businesses choose Quadient for their mailing solution needs

Mailers sending under 1,000 letters per month are generally smaller businesses.  While these companies may not think of a mailing solution as being beneficial to them, these solutions offer significant benefits to small business users. 

Our customers provided several reasons why they selected Quadient for their mailing solution:

  • Quadient does not charge reset fees or offer fees that are only "free for the first year".  With Quadient, adding postage is free.
  • Quadient makes it possible to refill postage now and pay later and does not charge extra for postage advances (adding postage now and paying later).
  • Quadient offers free live support, with no extra fees if you need live support for postage payment processing.
  • Quadient offers transparent pricing while some other vendors advertise one-year deals at an attractive price, but then automatically increase the price by up to 25% every year.
  • With Quadient, small businesses know what their exact rental amount will be in the first year, and in subsequent years.
  • Quadient protects small businesses with the same monthly price over the duration of the agreement.
  • Quadient offers affordable ink costs - which can be as much as 29% less expensive than the competition
  • Quadient postage meters give small businesses direct access to USPS® Commercial discounted rates and access to discounts on USPS® services like up to 40% off on Priority Mail®
  • Quadient offers local support and experts available in the markets that we serve.

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