IM-210 Automatic Mail Opener

Inbound mail processing

The Series 210 mail opener is ideal for operations processing between 200 and 2000 envelopes per day, this compact mailroom automation product seamlessly processes inbound mail.  The state-of-the-art milling cutter provides complete edge-to-edge cutting for quick extraction.

IM-210 letter opener

Why choose the IM-210?

fast clock


Up to 400 envelopes per minute


Proven Technology

Minimizes cut contents



Opens a wide variety of envelope sizes

User Ratings

User Friendly

Eliminates painful paper cuts

Automatic Mail Opening

High Efficiency

Opens up to 400 envelopes per minute but is ideal for handful in, handful out, operations. Advanced self-adjusting feeder for efficient mixed mail opening. Opens up to 3,500 envelopes before the chip tray must be emptied.

Low waste

The Series 210 minimizes the amount of waste produced throughout the extraction process. Since our milling cutter "chips" away the edge of the envelope, the tiny waste chips are guided into a large capacity chip bin that can be easily emptied.

User Friendly

Opens a variety of mixed mail sizes and thicknesses, including flats. Advanced self-adjusting feeder for efficient mixed mail opening and edge-to-edge opening for a fully opened envelope.

Proven Technology

Proven milling cutter technology protects envelope contents from being sliced or damaged. Processed envelopes have a soft, feathered-edge opening, eliminating paper cuts. Cut depth adjustment knob lets you select from three cut-depth settings, plus a no-cut setting for piece counting.


Processing speed - Envelopes per Minute Up to 400
Envelope Opening

All sizes & Types

Maximum Envelope Thickness

Up to .188” (4.8 mm)

Depth of Cut

From .01”-.07”


52 lbs

System Dimensions

40.5”L x 16.5”D x 14.3”H


110-120 VAC, 60HZ, 5A

220-240 VAC, 50HZ, 3A

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