From text messages to eye catching images and company logos, Neoslogan customizes your mail pieces in minutes! Create powerful messages to promote your business, endorse your brand, and strengthen customer relationships

What can I do?

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Communicate quickly

Get a message to customers before they open their mail

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Boost open rates

Personalize mail pieces to boost attention and increase open rates

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Customize designs

Get creative – with seasonal slogans, business messages, event information and more

Neoslogan by Quadient

Get your customers’ attention

Create a lasting impression with clients on your letters and envelopes is often seen as an impossible task. Neoslogan in an online application, working with your mailing machine to add value to your mail.

Choose from a set of available designs, or create your own design and slogan for your envelopes to maximize the impact of your mail before your customers even open their envelope.

Hundreds of free slogans available

Neoslogan includes a library with hundreds of free slogans to choose from, covering many categories including: seasons, events, business messages and more.

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Quadient Neoslogan - envelopes examples

Create your own slogan

Different formats of custom slogans are available: with logo, logo and customized text or with customized text only.

Simply upload your desired image, resize and position it, add text and preview your artwork with an easy-to-use interface.

Each custom slogan is priced individually and an unlimited plan is also available should you need multiple custom slogans throughout the year.

What our users are saying

“Mailings look good and always have the correct postage on them.”

— Brenda Gisolf

Project Manager, Hope Haven

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iX-5 postage meter

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