Monitor, track and control postage expenses with Neostats. This powerful reporting tool offers the data you need to reconcile postage expenses down to the penny.

Why choose Neostats?


Web-based interface

Easily track mailing expenses from anywhere at anytime

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Charge-back accounting

Analyze mailing activity by department and reconcile expenses to the penny

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Robust reporting

On mail usage across your organization

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One-click export

Quickly transfer mailing data to other software applications

Manage postage expenses and track them online

Manage postage expenses and track them online

Take control of your postage expenses with this powerful reporting solution. Use Neostat’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface to track expenses from anywhere at any time, access usage history and share reports seamlessly across your organization. 

An online application available on IS/IN/IM/IX network-connected mailing systems, Neostats is available in three versions – Basic, Enhanced and Consolidated. 

Neostats enhanced dashboard

Neostats is a powerful reporting system that provides summary reporting of the total number of pieces processed on your mailing system and the amount of postage spent each month.

Neostats Enhanced Dashboard
Quadient Neostats

Get a single view of all your mailing data with Neostats consolidated

Neostats adds the ability to centralize postage expense data for multiple mailing systems at one location or multiple mailing systems across many locations, and analyze the use of mail classes and postage trends to identify and optimize potential savings. 

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