Five questions to determine if a mail-outsourcing solution is right for your small to medium business

Wednesday, Aug 17th 2022
Five questions to determine if a mail-outsourcing solution is right for your small to medium business

When it comes to streamlining processes, optimising workflows, and refocusing staff on core competencies many organisations consider outsourcing non-core functions like printing and mailing. Outsourcing to a third-party naturally raises questions and concerns such as: how will it impact my business and how will I retain control.  

How will outsourcing improve or enhance my customer communication process? 

Aside from improving document quality and decreasing turnaround time, automating your outbound customer communication process ensures that your documents will retain a consistent look and feel that delivers a professional and uniform image of your organisation. Automating outbound documents enables your organisation with incremental delivery channels including digital delivery that may be managed according to customer preference. In addition, managing documents through a single automated platform provides your organisation with more robust and centralised tracking capabilities.  

What added value will I get by investing in this solution?

An outsourcing solution will help you consolidate communications so you can access volume discounts.  By reducing your dependence on paper, you also save on operating expenses like equipment, maintenance, and inventory. With a cloud-based solution, you still retain control by managing document creation and upload but forego the hassle of sorting, stuffing, and delivery. 

Ask questions, and request references of similar SMBs who gained efficiency by outsourcing their mailings.  Read about real customers who have benefitted from implementing intelligent document automation.

What is the potential return on investment? 

Think about what you spend on overtime and other operating expenses that you could reallocate and reinvest into your business. For SMBs already working with lean resources (small staff and tight budgets), outsourcing mail prep makes a lot of sense. Consider the internal resources and talent you will be able to redirect toward revenue-generating activities once you outsource.

How disruptive will it be to my current process? 

If you choose a cloud-based service, the changeover can be relatively quick and easy. Subscription-based automation software solutions provided by a mailing partner require minimal set-up time and little to no IT involvement. Cloud-based solutions are scalable and integrate easily into your existing systems. 

Tip: Engage with a mailing partner who already has a secure facility in place. Ensure they have an established relationship with a compliant mailing facility that meets security requirements and carries the most current certifications. 

How long will it take to implement?

The best outsourcing decisions are motivated not only by short-term cost savings but by a longer-term strategy. Beyond standard logistical concerns like migrating processes and training staff, you can make the transition easier by starting small.  Perhaps there is one monthly mailing that eats an unreasonable amount of time. Use this as a test run to see how much time savings you gain while retaining the flexibility to scale to larger initiatives. 

To help you determine whether this could be a winning strategy for your business, we’ve developed a comprehensive guide to outsourcing your mail.  As you weigh the pros and cons, consider how outsourcing could help support your organisation’s strategic objectives.