Healthcare Providers Track Every Delivery with Quadient’s Web Tracking System

WTS is a robust, turnkey, cloud-based solution that tracks packages and important mail in real-time. With full visibility over your incoming parcels and mail, you will create a reliable system for providing on-time support to patients.

Healthcare Providers Track Every Delivery with Quadient’s Web Tracking System

In the healthcare industry, access to medical supplies is occasionally difficult and expensive. When a much needed piece of equipment is lost or damaged, it negatively impacts the provider’s bottom line and the patients it serves. These situations cause frustration, stress and delays in the mailroom when trying to rectify the situation.

Track inbound packages anywhere, anytime
For each parcel received, mailroom employees may scan the barcode with the provided scanner and the details are recorded in the database. If the parcel has no barcode, a unique Web Tracking System -WTS tracking number is created. For damaged parcels, users take a picture as a proof of package’s state. Once the parcel is recorded, internal recipients receive an email notification informing them of their parcel’s arrival. You can configure WTS to request a signature-based or contactless delivery when releasing a package to the final destination. By tracking your parcels at each step in the chain of custody, you always know the precise status, with time and location, from parcel receipt and transit, all the way to delivery

Empower your mailroom employees
Free up storage space, efficiently respond to any inquiries about packages and plan deliveries ahead of time

Mitigate the risk
Reduce loss and theft by ensuring the right person receives their inbound parcels and important documents

Provide predictable service level to your people
Give adequate tools to mailroom employees to manage seasonal peak of activities without stress and delay

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