Neoship Basic and Plus

Shipping from your desktop has never been easier

Neoship Basic and Plus

Quadient's powerful online shipping solutions, Neoship BASIC and Neoship PLUS, ensure full IM®pb compliance from the USPS® for all your package shipping requirements. As an option for our IS, IM, IN and iX-Series mailing systems, shipping directly from your desktop has never been easier.

With Neoship Basic and Plus, you will:

  • Create a USPS® compliant shipping label online in four easy steps
  • Enhance the functionality of your IS/IM/IN/iX-Series mailing system by creating USPS® compliant shipping labels
  • Save time by eliminating trips to the post office
  • Benefit from cost savings associated with commercial base pricing
  • Obtain an online consolidated view of all shipments
  • Create a summary and detailed reports based on shipment history, operator shipments, and/or transactions
  • Ensure the 'ship to' address is up-to-date with free address correction services
  • Apply free insurance on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express items
  • Eliminate manual entry of addresses obtain and store USPS® proof of delivery letter PDFs
  • Maximize your desktop shipping solution
  • Manage user roles and privileges

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