RNB Group streamlines print and mail production with Quadient's technically advanced mailing systems

RNB case study

RNB Group is a direct mail, fulfillment and print specialist providing print and mailing services to hundreds of organizations across a range of industry sectors in the UK. In 2021, in line with its vision to provide innovative tech solutions that drive return on investment, RNB Group engaged Quadient to deliver mailing equipment and software that would streamline operations, support flexibility and ensure mail integrity. 

Quadient's technically-advanced folder inserters coupled with state-of-the-art software have brought significant time savings for RNB Group. A 10,000-print run, which used to be a three-stage job involving three machines and taking 3.5 hours to complete, now takes a single machine one hour to complete. This makes for a leaner operation, with other equipment freed-up for jobs that need it.

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