SendPro Specifications


SendPro Mailstation

SendPro CL

SendPro C Lite

SendPro CA

SendPro C Auto

SendPro P

SendPro P-Series

Weekly Mail Volume Up to 50 pieces Up to 200 pieces Up to 500 pieces 500 pieces or more
Monthly Shipping Volume Up to 5 Up to 100 Up to 200 Up to 200
Scale 5 lbs Up to 70 lbs* Up to 70 lbs* Up to 150 lbs
Mail Processing Speed Up to 16 letter/min Up to 50 letter/min Up to 120 letter/min Up to 310 letter/min
Mail Field Type Manual Semi Automatic Automatic Automatic
Automatically process mail of different sizes No No No Yes
* 5 lbs scale included with optional 15, 30 and 70 lbs scales available.