What are the main reasons you acquired your Quadient mailing system?

Whether you call it a mailing machine, postage machine or franking machine, the benefits are the same - increasing the speed and productivity of your team as they manage getting mail out the door, while taking advantage of the lower possible postage rates available.  A postage meter is a machine used to create and apply postage, with optional features like sealing, folding, and stacking. 

In this chart, customers indicate the reasons they chose to acquire a mailing solution:

Main reasons for purchasing mailing solution

Benefit #1: Increase speed and productivity in processing mail

The ultimate labor-saving device for USPS customers, a postage meter is the most important investment you can make to improve mailing productivity. A meter reduces the time it takes to get mail out the door and on its way to your customers. Postage meters automate several key steps in a logical, linear sequence that is considerably faster and more accurate than disjointed manual processes, including weighing and sealing envelopes. With fully integrated USPS® pricing, postage meters automatically calculate the right postage from the weight and size of the item and the postal service selected.

Higher-end models maximize throughput with conveyor belts and in-line weighing scales that create a single integrated workflow with the ability to process mixed batches on the fly. If necessary, postage meters can be linked to other equipment, such as folder-inserters, in a fully integrated mailing production line.

Benefit #2: Take advantage of lower postage rates

The biggest benefit of a postage meter is the ability to pay exact postage rates every time - and give you access to USPS® Commercial Base pricing discounts.  They allow you to prevent overspending by using integrated scales with precision weighing to print the exact postage denominations required for your postage.  

Benefit #3: Automate the process of applying postage to outbound mail

A mailing machine automates the process of applying postage to outbound mail.  Modern machines feature all the time-saving features of digital technology including touch-screen displays; one-touch access to saved settings for regular jobs; network connectivity for remote management; and detailed accounting and usage reports. The latest “smart” machines also access online applications including rate change downloads and access to accounting software.

Clearly, the more mail a business sends out, the greater the efficiency savings, but even businesses with low mail volumes can save time and effort with a postage meter. Having one removes the need to stand in line at the post office to buy stamps, as meters can be re-credited with postage online 24/7. Network connectivity also allows remote maintenance, online supplies ordering, and automatic tariff updates as postal rate changes are introduced.

Benefit #4: Pay exact postage rates every time

Save money using a Quadient postage meter and scale with up-to-date rates. With an integrated digital scale for precision weighing, a postage meter enables you to print the exact denomination — instead of using multiple stamps. You can also earn up to 39% savings over standard rates for Priority Mail® or Express Mail®.

Benefit #5: Send more professional-looking mail

Mailing machines help you make a good impression by delivering a professional look to your customers, and special software can even add custom logos or advertising right on the envelope.

Self-adhesive metered tapes are ideal for larger items such as packages, large flat envelopes and tubes.  This looks cleaner and more professional than wallpapering an item with stamps, in addition to enabling you to apply the exact postage needed.

Envelopes can be stamped with:

  • Date stamps, to print the date received onto incoming mail pieces
  • Text, allowing you to create custom text messages directly on the mailing system's control panel for printing onto outbound mail pieces
  • Slogans, using an application such as Neoslogan, you can download and print free or custom artwork
  • Postal inscriptions, discounted mail classes require an identifier called in an inscription
  • Postage, also known as an indicia
Stamped envelope with logo and text


Benefit #6: Comply with postal regulations

Postage machines make it possible for organizations to stay compliant with postal regulations. Organizations that handle mailings in-house use visibility and quality controls to ensure the integrity and successful completion of every mail piece, whether produced internally or sent to the post office. Technologies such as 2D input- and exit-scanning and USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) can be used to embed handling instructions, serialize mail pieces, and track mailings through the postal system. Additionally, IMBs can provide detailed visibility into mailings and allow companies to receive postage discounts, and trace mail through the postal system.

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